When will the third season of Avatar air?!

Damn I am going insane! When is it going to air already?!

Sometime in 2007 with more specifics probably to come in Comic-Con. Only clue to an actual date now is the October 30th release date of the the Fire Vol.1 DVD.

I did hear about this, was wondering if anyone else had.
How odd it is to see them release the first five episodes just shortly after releasing them. I’m wondering if perhaps what will happen is that it will be a full season with no breaks between the new episodes.

Frankly, aftyer the season finale, I have honestly lost all interest in Avatar,

LOL I was hoping to see you again Val. Kinda missed ya.
The second season could have ended better, perhaps with Aang’s capture, bringing more suspence.

Man, I was watching this show today, and is it ever fucking awesome. There was a giant owl dragon in it!! AN OWL DRAGON. That made my day.

Ah yes, the knowledge spirit, he is pretty tight.

I’ve been waiting for Avatar for a while as well. I was hoping it would start in the summer time to fill in some spots, but with its success they might bring it into a prime time slot in the regular fall season.

Figured you guys already saw this but season premiere on September 21st has been confirmed at Comic-Con along with a trailer. Warning for spoilers in video.

yep I did see that, and it fucking rocked, I so can not wait for the 21st of next month!

Kitara seems to have a cape. The show thus gains +10 coolness points over what it already had in abundance.

I have not seen that. Thanks =). The next season looks to be darker and full of action.

Damn straight. I want to see the fight between Aang and Ozai, if that takes rwo or three episodes, it will be worth this long wait for the season.

That promises to be epic. I’m looking forward to the fight between Sokka and Zuko they showed a glimpse of.

That’s another epic fight in the making too. And Katara is mega badass in this season, its a wonder why she wasn’t the avatar had Aang survived pre iceberg, died and passed the spirit on to her.

Pretty soon i heard.

Yeah, I now know.

Now you know.

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Now you know.

Cuz’ “Knowledge Is Power!!!”

Hey, I got a question. Knowledge is power… but Knowing is half the battle, too. So… what’s the other half of the battle? it can;t be power, because knowledge is power, so what is it?