When Waterspouts attack!!

No, not fountains, MARINE TORNADOS!

Yesterday, one formed RIGHT NEXT to my hometown!!

It was about 3 PM. I was eating in my brother-in-law’s back porch when I noticed a funny-looking cloud hovering over the mangroves next to Puerto Real. Then the thing began to spin and reach down!! I know I should’ve ran for shelter, but, I was kind of rooted to the spot in shock (besides, most houses here are wooden -this is a fishing village- by the time I it would’ve taken to find save haven the thing would’ve been on top of us. Fortunately, the damn thing changed its mind, recoiled, and drifted away over the bay!

I’ve seen waterspouts before, but only on the far horizon. First time in my life I see one of them so close. Waterspouts are not as powerful as real tornados, but I certainly don’t want one barreling thru my hometown!

The whole thing was like something out of “Twister” but without the flying cow. :stuck_out_tongue: Though I saw some seagulls flying merrily around it. Stupid birds!

Anybody here ever had a ‘twister’ experience?

Can’t say I’ve ever had any twister experience, probably 'cause we don’t get that many in the UK. But when I was about a 1 year old, me and my family were apartenly down in Brighton, when this huge storm hit. I think it was meant to be one of the biggest they had seen in a while, or something.

And damn Wil, you are luky that thing decided to change it’s mind at the last minute there.

Waterspout are one of the coolest sights one can have (relatively - it’s only fun 'till someone gets hurt).

And I don’t think the seagulls were dancing around it willingly. These air currents are quite attractive, if you catch my meaning.

Living in Georgia we hardly get rain sometimes, much less a water spout. So no, I have no similar experiences.

I went on a cruise to the bahamas once and saw one. It was like, 1 or 2 in the morning, and i couldn’t sleep, so i walked out onto the deck of the ship. I was walking along the side, heading toward the rear of the deck, when i saw everyone at the bar (there was a bar at the very rear deck of the ship) run toward the rail and look out and point and shout. I ran over and looked and there, about a mile or so out, was a waterspout.

It was pretty wicked, though i didn’t get a chance to see it as upclose as you, wil.