When was the last time you...

when was the last time you told your parents that you loved them? And gave them a hug.

If you haven’t yet, go tell them now. Go on… tell them.

I get along with both my parents shockingly well…so I make a point of doing that on a semi-regular basis. :hahaha;

That’s a good thing. I don’t see my mom on a regular basis… :too bad;

Haven’t and won’t.

I actually do that on a regular basis. It’s my sister and I that don’t get along that well ^^.

I tell my mom/dad I love them every night before bed, and usually i tell my mom that before she goes to work.
I regularly hug my mom and dad as well :smiley:

Quite a while back, I don’t do that anymore, but I don’t have to.

Well… for starters… I call my parents by their names… Can’t remember an occasion where I would’ve said “Mom” or “Dad”

Well, actually, I use their nicknames, and secondly, I can’t even remember when I hugged them the last time–

But we get along like bread and butter. Real well.

Ive had enough of their gooey shit to last a lifetime, so no thanks.

Last Monday. It was my Mum’s birthday. :ah-ha!: I’ve never told my dad I love him and I doubt I ever will, he walked out on me when I was 2 and has rejected all attempts to re-establish contact (even though I do often speak to my Granddad, Aunt, Uncle and Cousins on that side of the family…) so as far as I’m concerned, bollocks to him :too bad;

Also, it’s Mothering Sunday in England this Sunday, so she’ll be due a hug then. Wonderful coincedence, that, seeing as it’s my birthday the very next day :thud:

I only give hugs for people who give me food.

My daddy doesn’t give me food. >:(

And I only love people who are nice to me.

And my daddy’s an asshole.

My mommy used to yell at me a lot when I was little, and she was drunk. But she’s nice now. But the emotional scars have yet to heal entirely. So she only gets lav.

Sorry to hear that some of you’ll parents have been real bitches in your life. Hope the better for you and your family.

Edit: It is good to hear some have told their parents and at least tell them that every now and then.

I don’t tell my parents I love them, and I don’t hug them. Why the hell would I do that? I don’t have a reason to hate them or anything, they know I like them and appreciate what they do for me. And I don’t really love anyone anyways, hugging’s alright sometimes, but yeah, who needs that.

I’ll tell them when they’re dead.

puts a cigarette out on his hands

I used to, when they were alive. Sadly, my father passed away when I was 11, and my mother when I was 13.

On the other hand, my brothers and sisters helped raise me, and I give them the love I would have given my parents. Mainly my sisters Ivonne and Ileana. These days I don’t see the others often, but I make sure I tell them I care when I do.

Good good Wil. It is nice to know that someone cares…

Nope. Neither. Hugs from time-to-time, but currently both my parents are insane. My mother seems to want my GF to dump me and me to stay at the crappy college I go to now because it’s close to where I live. She wishes I was 5 still, and often still treats me that way. Hell, on my 15th birthday (9-11-01) I got annoyed with her for being in DC (before the attack), afterwords I made sure she was OK, but then she treated my concern as if it was admiting that it was OK for her to be gone on my birthday. I have to be nice to her now-a-days just so she doesn’t ground me. The only love I have for her is the mandatory love that mother/sons have. Other than that, I find myself hating her often.

My dad randomly yells at me for not doing things I was never told to do, then gets mad when he forgets things I’ve asked of him. Also, he back-up (or sometimes fuels) my mom’s insane periods.

Still, I’d pick my dad over my mom any day.

Sounds like you have something to say, CC.

Sorry to hear that Bing. I hardly see my mom anymore… with the job she works at. I hope things improve for you and your family.

I really don’t have anything to say… it’s nice to hear the word ‘I love you’ even from a family member or a friend. To know someone cares and to be hugged is a great way to feel loved. Espcially in rough times…

Just let the one you love know they are loved and that you care. (Or you can tell a friend that you care about them as of some of us aren’t all that well connected to our parents.) Remember… deep down, the people who really hate and really beat you down hard, love you.

Umm I doubt that everyone who is hard on me truely loves me inside…