When I was just a little newb.

366 days ago I signed up to this message board, and in celebration I’ve:

a) Changed my avatar for halloween.
b) Made this post.

So this is all about first days (if you remember).

My first day I followed a link here from the FFC, signed up and posted in some help me thread in the FFC board. Ramza made the post I think, and it was madness. Me, Val and Ramza where the ones doing all the work and soon after the post was Babelized.

How about you?

EDIT: I’ve also made 500 posts, which is kinda a nice addition.

Double Congratulations, Gil! You know, your story is similar to mine. Two years ago, while fooling around with my sister’s PC, I googled info on Final Fantasy and found the Compendium; from there I followed the link to RPGC. I joined then, but, as I didn’t have a PC of my own, wasn’t really active until I bought one, about a year later. So, in reality, I’ve been active here for about a year… funny, seems like a lot longer. :hahaha;

I was googling Star Ocean, saw this place, stayed. got addicted, and the rest is history.

Quazmark2.8 told me about rpgc. Ithen spent an hour trying to find it and ended up arguing with sephiroth hayes.

Technically my first day, with this account, was a couple days after the worm attackwas fixed. But I do have a more memorable FIRST day.

My first day here, I had frequnetly gone to FFCompendium, so I thought I’d check out the ‘Message Bords’. I joined and started posting, and got into a small chat, with Jenova’s Witness, I think. And the rest as they say is history.

Nothing interesting here. I joined up and started posting, having known about this place for a while after looking for FFVI guides. Boring.

I joined almost a year ago.

Then all accounts got deleted methinks.

I had no internet (stupid AOL)

Then I got cable :smiley: and now I am here.

I found this message board while looking for rom translations.

I joined roughly a year ago. I was looking up stuff about RPGs or FF, I can’t remember and came upon the the site. I kept coming back to it a few times to read the mailbag, until I realized there was a forum too.

On my first day on the boards, I interupted a fight between Val and Hunter in the RP forum and felt Val’s wrath for the first time. Yep, that’s a day I won’t forget.

I’ve been here 437 days now… :wink: I might’ve done a yearly celebration if my frickin’ PC had actually been working on August 12th, 2003 :thud: (I’d actually joined earlier under a different account but had had problems with it so re-registered- I could be pedantic but honestly, I don’t give a crap about 6-odd days)- I basically came here from the FFC site, posted on that forum for a bit, and the rest, as they say, is genealogy :wink:

Haven’t been here a year but I found this site from a friend who was on it none stop. So… now I’m trapped here still looking for an exit.

Originally posted by Alyx
Haven’t been here a year but I found this site from a friend who was on it none stop. So… now I’m trapped here still looking for an exit.

You should know by now that there isn’t one :mwahaha: .

You have Weiila to thank for me coming here, but I’ll recite my story anyways…

One day, shortly after 9/11, I had finished my first fanfic: Enter a Warmage. It was a hit on the Archmage forums (especially, hopefully, with Rydia, who was someone I was trying to impress. She loved the FF4 Rydia. Anyways) so I looked for somewhere to have it published.

I ran across Weiila and Archone’s fics on the RPGC Archive, and fell in love with them. I figured I’d have mine posted, and eventually sent Weiila a fanmail, and we got to emailing each other, after I asked her what she thought about mine.

Well she told me about the boards, and I waffled a bit, but I joined (Just before RPGC changed to the vBulliten (Sp?) boards.) And well, I’ve been here ever since. It’s almost been two years now…

I got a link from the FFC, then started coming into the chat then finally signed up and there ya go.

I was surfing RPGC probably from its humble beginnings, but joined on 9/11. The rest you know :wink:

You’re not a newb anymore? >.>

Yeh, congrats man.
I’ve been around for as long as I care to remember. Probably about 2 1/2 to 3 years.

Edit: The story:
I was looking for porn, it was mentioned in a mailbag. I read the mailbags, liked them, and eventually went to the chat. Finally, I joined the boards.

I found out about the site when I was looking up Avalon. I came back a while later, this time looking for Tales of Phantasia. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Ah…my story is not very exciting. Just long.

I’ve been here longer than just about everybody, save for Merlin, Macc, Zero, Sinistral, Rast and a few others. I’m not really sure how long I’ve actually been here, but I’ve narrowed it down to somewhere between 4.5 and 5.5 years. But these days I just call it 5 to keep it simple.

Yes, when I got here, RPGClassics had 8 shrines, I think, maybe 11, but it was nowhere near the amount they have today. I originally was posting on a message board called RPGWorld, but RPGWorld went out one day, so I wandered around until I found The Ultimate Final Fantasy Website, which had shitty little forums for me to post on. Dubbed as Sephiroth, I joined up and met Gen-Bob (for those of you who may remember him, which is probably just me) Onion Kid, I think Sephiroth Katana (but I could be wrong), and a few other people nobody but me would remember. Anyway, shortly after that site was tackled by hackers, and a picture of a man stroking his, obviously photoshopped, but nontheless enormous penis replaced the background of the forums. Anyway, Onion Kid said that this placed called RPGClassics had started up and had some cool people, so I went there, and well…

Yea. I’m sure you can take it from there. Well, sorta. I was 11-12 years old when I joined these boards. Ah…the memories.

I miss the miva boards. Man, them suckers were fun.

Looking for fanfiction, found the site, got my story accepted. Was looking around at the rest of it and decided I might as well join a message board for once.

I began my days at RPG after finding the FF Compendium, then viewing the link here. I noticed there was no Super Ninja Boy shrine, and thus is my origin. Now I’ve done 3 shrines and I’m working on 2 more. 8)

i have been here for about two months i think.

The first time i came here was with the google search but i did not pay any attention to the site,i got it in my adress list because of a little mistake i did,i kept looking at the site for a few months and one day decided to get in the message boards,and the rest is history.