When does Harvest Moon Advance come out?

It was sposed to come out on the 14th, now it was sposed to come out today, I need it soon, cuz I’m going to san diego like in 2 days.

November 17 apparently.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> 17 November for NA and 21 November for EU.

It’s out already~ YEA!!

/me goes to the store and buys a copy

:frowning: Gameboy advance was “borrowed” and not returned.)

I wish I had enough money to buy it.

[TotalBullshit]Emulating creates in me a feeling of guilt since I am stealing the money that rightfully belongs to those poor and abused mega-corporations. I do not know if I will be able to sleep tonight.[/TotalBullshit]

It’s the 15th sign of the Acolypse: A game with an European release date that is less than a week after the North American!

I need to buy a GameBoy Advance SP, as the only one I have access to now is pink. Pink brings bad luck.

I love virtual farming, and pimping the ladies.

In the 64 version the mailman kept giving me presents, that was a little odd.

I haven’t played any of the other Harvest Moons, but have always wanted to try them. I will probably check out this one and see how much I like it or not.

In the 64 version the mailman kept giving me presents, that was a little odd.

Same here. More guys wanted more than a friendship with me in that game than I like to admit.:hahaha;

Heh, I looked at the box at gamestop today. It had a strange screenshot on the back. The farmer was standing behind a cow, and the cow had a little heart above its’ head. Looked like there was something weird going on…

He likes pimping ladies and farm, so why not combine the two things?

Most likely he was simply brushing the cow, but someone at Nintendo couldn’t resist the opportunity to reveal some of his personal perverseties.