when did you first get killed

In the FF’s you played, when was the first time you got killed? I think for most FF’s the first time you see “game over” is extremely later on in the game. In FF7 the first serious trouble I had was Red’s father’s spirit, he kept kicking my ass. But other “intimidating” foes like Genova were very underwhelming. In FF8 Edea was the first one to kill me (but only because I slacked). The fastest I got a game over was in 9 where Waltz 2 (the one on the airship) beat the shit out of me twice for some reason.

FF7 - The wall in the temple of the ancients. That thing was a bitch to kill.

FF8 - I forget what it was called, but that massive flying white and green machine that had two or three smaller machines flying around it using attacks. Which I THINK was in Lunatic Pandora.

FF9 - Never been game over.

FFIV- Dark Elf. I forgot to get the twinharp, so he did this attack that did 9999 to each person it hits. ><

FFV- Umm, Gilgame, I think.

FFVI- Never (not joking.)

FFVII- Demon Wall. (had only one Phoenix Down at the time, dammit ><)

FFIX- Gizamaluke.

FF9 - Ozma fight.

That is all.

Oh wait, forgot the Evil wall in FF4.

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FFV- Umm, Gilgame, I think.

Fear me!

Erm… I can only remember FF9, dying to Gizmaluke.

FF IV - Evil Wall.

FF V - Omega

FF VI - :ulty:

FF VII - Emerald Weapon

FF VIII - Omega Weapon

FF IX - Ozma

FF X - Seymour Flux

FFIV: Plague
FFV: Don’t remember
FFVI: Never
FFIX: Ozma
FFX: Spectral Keeper or whatever

And I doubt the boss in the Cave of the Gi is Red’s father, as his name is Gi Nattak, which means he would be someone that Seto would be fighting against.

Final Fantasy: The Marsh Cave. Lacking a good supply of pure potions, my whole party was eventually poisoned, reduced to low HP from walking, and was easily slain by the wandering monsters.

Final Fantasy II: Only once. My party, which was not very powerful, was fighting some mantises on the tip of the peninsula south of Altea. Neither my weapons nor my magic had much effect on the mantises, and they sliced through my party like a knife through butter.

Final Fantasy III: My party was slain by a pack of werewolves near Ur. I did not know how the class system worked, so they were still all onion kids.

Final Fantasy IV, Easy Version: When I first played this game, I rented it from a local video store. It did not have an instruction manual, because annoying persons love to steal them (the store supplied them in the cartridge box. Thus, I did not have a good grasp of the game. Not realising that one could multi-target spells, I quickly ended up comsuming most of Tellah and Rydia’s MP early on in the Watery Pass. I then encountered a pack of zombies. Unfortunately, I did not know how to run away.

Final Fantasy VI, Hard Version: The battle against the Demon Wall.

Final Fantasy V: The battle against the Sealed. Ouch. One of them repeatedly attacked with an earthquake.

Final Fantasy VI: The Floating Continent. My party was not powerful enough and was clobbered by behemoths.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: The battle against the medusa atop the volcano. She quickly turned both of my characters to stone with her petrifying counterattack.

Final Fantasy VII – IX, Legend I and II : Never (I have only played these games a little).

Final Fantasy X and XI, Legend III: I have never played these games.

The only ones I can remember are IV and VI.

IV: Baigan
VI: Fighting the Magitek Armor as your leaving Figaro Castle

Let’s see:

FF7: Not sure, but I think it was ‘Giant Gi Spirit’ whatever it’s real name was (I was not proberly leveled)

FF8: Probably Ultima Weapon (was not properly prepared)

FF9: Black Wlatz 1 + Sealion (what can I say, I wasn’t really paying attention to my HP)

FFX: The second Seymour fight (he was tougher than I originally thought)

FF7: Umm…can’t actually remember.

FF8: Well…this WAS the first RPG I ever played, and I didn’t know what I was meant to do, so…after you fight Ifrit in the Fire Cavern. laughs Pathetic, I know…

FF10: Fighting Seymour in Macalania. Grr…shakes fist Damn that stupidly-voiced Guado!

FF1: Don’t remember for sure, but I think it was Sorcerers and/or Cocatrices in the Ice Cave.

FF2: Early on, tried to pick a fight with the imperial troops occuyping Phin. Oops. :wink:

FF3: Some random enemy on the mountain after you wreck the airship. Can’t remember what.

FF4: Don’t think I’ve ever been killed off in this game.

FF5: Ditto

FF6: Those scorpion like thingies that can petrify you in the collapsing house when you are Celes all by her lonesome. Forgot to equip that star pendant thingy that always prevents petrify. Oops.

FF7: Never. But then, I haven’t come close to completing the game, either [Certainly never picked on either of the infamous weapons].

FF8: Never been killed off, although I did get a game over for failing to report back to the ship within the time limit on the Dollet Field Exam. No, wait, actually, I’ve been killed off by a Ruby Dragon’s breath attack while playing as Laguna & co. [Note that I have never taken on Omega Weapon]

FF9: Can’t remember. Haven’t finished game, either.

FF10: Um, that one monster in the Zanarkand Fayth chamber where your party stands on those six or seven glyph disks and you have to keep moving around to avoid the time bombs or whatever. I’m stuck on that bit, actually.

FFTactics: Happened so many times I can’t even try to recall anymore.

FFMystic Quest: Uh, never played far into that game, and never came close to dying either.

FF I: Garland, very first time playing.

FF IV: Yeah, the Evil Wall thing got me.

FF V: Never. I was always too overlevelled for my position.

FF VI: :ulty:

FF VII: Ruby Weapon.

FF VIII: Can’t remember.

FF IX: Trance Kuja.

FF X: Can’t remember.

FFVI: That guy at the top of the Fanatics Tower (The only time)

FFIX: Never. My mother did unplug the PS while I was in CD2 and hadn’t saved ONCE though.

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FFIX: Never. My mother did unplug the PS while I was in CD2 and hadn’t saved ONCE though.

man, I 'm glad my parents are afraid to enter my room, or that would probably happen often!

the only game I can actually remember what first gave me a game over was my first FF, FF7, where the hell houses in the slums killed me. I was pretty underleveled.

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FFIX: Never. My mother did unplug the PS while I was in CD2 and hadn’t saved ONCE though.

Why would you do that?

Cuz my friend’s PS doesn’t have memory card slots (He managed to bust them somehow)

FF2-cant remember

FF3/6-I had quite a hard time when I around 10 or 11, and kept dying trying to get to the floating continent…or before that the Fire Eater or whatever.Now, I can just beat the game quite easily, no game overs.


FF8-I think Adel…(hey it was my first time playing and I didnt know how to master the junction system back then)


ff7 on the 1st reactor the boss there