When cosplay goes too far

Warning: Retinal damage may ensue

Link broken

And cosplay is always going too far.

I managed to see the pic by adding the other one to my favorites. And yes it does go too far.

You have to go to the main page and scroll down to the last pic.

I’d hit it… with a bat.

Yep, the moment it starts its gone too far.


on another note.

What the hell??

That’s odd, I just click on it and it works fine.

That gave me a headache.

The tennis-visor thing is the first thing that’s wrong with it.

I’ve seen worse.

Were you looking for worse?

Nope. Someone just had it in his sig. It was basically the same thing as this, but instead of the girl there was an obese 30, maybe 40 or even 50 year old virgin. Same getup.

I always liked cosplay.

Kigurumi on the other hand, never fails to creep me out, at least when they try to dress up as anime characters.

That’s because you already have it in your cache.

uhhhh is that white makeup above the eyes compensation for the lack of unrealistic anime eyes?

What? All I see is some sailor scout yelling about bandwith and babies being clubbed…

EDIT: Ouch…my retinas. >_<

Yeah, but <a href=“http://gyotti.ddo.jp/~yuki/Gallery/200311-toshima/MK_TOSHIMAEN06.jpg”>consider the alternative</a>…


I think we all remember Man Faye.