When a woman loves a man very much...

…they will drive nonstop across several states wearing depends and a disguise to ice the competition.


Crazy ass bitch. O_o;

It’s interesting to note that Loony comes from the latin word for the Moon. So it actually fits given her occupation.

It made the news here too, which is pretty unusual. But then again, this is 1 weird story.

How come crazy people get to be astronauts? They’re just encroaching even more on the thousands of normal people who aspired to be astronauts when they were children.

Wow. That’s dedicated.

Crazy woman.

No that’s my kind of woman!

I kid.

What a hottie that commander must have been.

I think it’s great the success of multi-million costing missions is entrusted to women like her ^ ^

This could be an interesting scenario for a film.

Perhaps women are too emotionally unstable to be sent into outer space.

She looks nutsy in that picture.


This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Do you know how obsessive you have to be to become something as difficult as an astronaut?\

Not to say most astronauts are psychotic. But its funny how everyone’s like “How could someone so successful be crazy??” You’ve gotta be a little crazy in the first place to become successful in this world.

I see.

I’m so doing that. Trill gunna join me?

Perhaps gender is too wide of a category to be OH GOD SHUT UP YOU FAGGOT

Not really. He looks pretty average to me (there was a picture in today’s Philly Inquirer).

The thing that strikes me as most crazy about the situation is that it made front page two days in a row.

Psychotic astronauts is probably something people would be worried about, y’know :stuck_out_tongue:

This was just on the news here, and the offered a nice tidbit of info: Crazy-Ass Woman is married. With children.

Hey now, she and her husband separated a few weeks ago! Anyway…

My first thought was about how things would play out if the three people in the love triangle ended up in outer space together. Now that is space opera.

I sense a tv miniseries in the future.

Luke, I’m your father.