What's your sign?


I’m a Capricorn. :kissy:

I’m a Scorpio. Suits me just fine. :mwahaha: Although I don’t understand why people are against astrology, I also don’t understand why people do it. Proves how logical I am… :thud:

I’m a Cancer…which I assume makes me a whiny emotional bitch who’s a helluva lover though…sounds like a decent tradeoff. I have the excess emotion that some gals crave, which according to Cancer’s profile, gets you all the loving :get it?: But then again…I never took astrology too seriously.

My sign is “Watch for falling rock.”

:ulty: Mine is “Do not tease the octopus.” But I’m sure you already knew that.

My SUN sign is Leo, the first decante AND in the cusp of Cancer and Leo. My moon sign is Gemini, and my ascendent is Taurus.

Mercury: Leo
Venus: Leo
Mars: Scorpio
Jupiter: Capricorn
Saturn: Scorpio
Uranus: Sagitarius
Neptune: Sagitarius
Pluto: Libra

… <.<

Whoaaaaaaa… hey do me next Loki! What info ya need? :smiley: (Bday is Jan 18, 1986, if ya need more TELL ME I WANNA KNOW)

I have the Big Book of Birthdays, and I don’t even know that shit. I’m impressed Loki…btw if you feel like, my B-day is July 13th, 1984. Also, for the superstitious, I was born on a Friday the 13th…BUM BUM BUM! :mwahaha:

I’ll bring the book on the trip. You’re gonna want to know your exact birth time (birth certificate) though- as well as the exact place of your birth (July 26th, Naples, Italy- 1:14 AM).

Uhh, I don’t think my birth certificate SAYS the exact time… Oh well, I can just ask my mom or somethin. Whee!

Ok then if it has to be that detailed, then it’s Hartford, CT, 10PM, Friday July 13, 1984. Yes ladies and gents I’m that detailed with my birth…I’ll go hang myself in shame now…

I’m a Leo.

I be a Gemini.

Obviously since you’re a cat/so into them.

Sun signs… I always mess up with those x_x Stupid dates.
I am:

  • Libra, second decade (Sun sign, Ren once drew my whole astral map but I forgot the constellations <.<;)
  • Dragon with knife, I forgot which element though (Chinese)
  • Butterfly / Ivy: Gort (Celtic)
  • Red Moon (Mayan, thanks maz :D)
  • Forgot the indian and the others :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a Virgo.

And I make a point to lie to people about my astrological sign when they ask about it. The conversations usually go like this:

“Hey Mike, whats your astrological sign?”

“I’m a Cancer.” (I like how that sounds)

“AH, I knew it since I met you!!! You’re the epitome of what a Cancer is! I’m going to starting spouting out different emotions that you represent.”

“Actually, I was just pulling your leg. I’m really a Virgo.”

After this point I usually get a harsh glare or a slap in the face. ::doh::

June 16, 1983 5:05 pm Honolulu, HI
Ascendent: Scorpio
Sun: Gemini, third decanate, cusp of gemini and cancer
Moon: Virgo
Mercury: Gemini
Venus: Leo
Mars: Gemini
Jupiter: Sagittarius
Saturn: Libra
Uranus: Sagittarius
Neptune: Sagittarius
Pluto: Libra

I have a couple of books on astrology, including the idiots guide to astrology, the illustrated guide to zodiac, and the only astrology book you’ll ever need.

http://www.astrodienst.com …sorry Loki That site can provide what planets are in what signs, and more; just click on free reports on the left hand side of the page.

I love astrology ^ _ ^ obviously. Though i don’t read my horoscope everyday, because usually it applies to everyone in your sign and there are more things that can make you possibly different from how your sun sign says you are.

http://www.astronet.com This site gives pretty decent horoscopes

Knew maddox would harp on astrology and other new age topics one day, oh well.

Loki have you heard the degrees of planets correspond that age? Example my sun is 25 degrees 23’06 in gemini, the sun could have a stronger influence on me when i’m 25, thats what i mean.

Oh by Chinese astrology i am a pig or boar. > _ <

Aquarius. Chinese is dragon I know that for sure.

I kinda Guessed. You had to be.

Big Nutter

Had my chart done online a long time ago. Only remember sun: Aquarius, moon: Virgo, ascendant: Virgo. Still have it somewhere, but not on this computer. I was also born on a full moon! Go me! poses Friday. And Chinese I’m a Rat, which I’m very happy about. I’d hate to be a monkey or something. =P Rats are cuuute…