Whats your favroite character in budokai 3

I like goku,broly,vegeta,omegashenron,frieza :wave:

Personally, I’ve got a soft spot for Emperor Pilaf.


Lol it’s Jiharn.

Hahah, that game got put on the “Sell this shit cause no one checks it out” shelf in my block buster about 3 weeks after it launched. Good times…

I believe “GOD DAMN IT! THE HORSE IS DEAD!” is the best way to describe what most think about this game.

I only rent this game from block buster but my brother said hes going to buy it later :fungah:

goku because his power level is like 1 million

and he has the sprit bomb

its eleiet

And hes teh Supr saying, he can beat u up lol!

Actually, I just rented it, and my favorite character is Octagon. You have to beat the game with every character and you get Octagon. It’s crazy. She kills everything with one hit.

Master Roshi, but he isn’t in the game since that would make the game too x-treme

I’ve never really played ANY DBZ game, but I’ve heard Budokai 3 is actually pretty good, as far as DBZ games go.

Anyway, the best character is obviously Tien, because he has three eyes for some reason. THREE EYES DAMMIT! Plus I read on some DBZ nerd’s website that Tien is like the most powerful human EVER, and that Krillin is the only human that’s even close. Or something. Although, if he’s so human, WHY DOES HE HAVE THREE EYES?

Tien’s still badass though. I guess I like him because my first experience with Dragon Ball, oddly enough, was the original Dragon Ball series dubbed in Spanish. They were having some saga about some tournament that Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Chioatzu, Master Roshi, and Tien entered, and Tien was a total badass (he even beat Goku). Plus, when Master Roshi let Tien win in their bout, Tien kept saying “PORQUE?!?! PORQUE?!?!?!” which was totally sweet. I guess Tien turned into some kind of a weiner in DBZ, but he was sweet enough in the Spanish dubbed DB to make him the best Dragon Ball character EVER.



Yamcha is the best DBZ character. He was a scuz bucket, he lost his woman to an alien, and he (at one time) had long hair which made him awesome.

Too bad the story had to go and make him suck.

I happen to like any Piccolo and Vegeta, since they are huge jerks and destroyed entire planets and things like that.

Not to mention that thier power levelz are like 23 bagzillion!

I prefered all of the human characters, mainly the ones with shaved heads.

Tien was pretty bad ass, even later in the series. He fought Cell for like 10 minutes, and fought Buu for like 10 seconds before Goku or Vegita showed up.

I think the main characters got a little TOO strong later on

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