What's your color scheme?

I prefer the classic blue.

Soylent Green.

tombstone grey…

I had 984 Purple, but then I changed browser and stuck with good old bluey.

Carnage… Red…

I just got the strangest feeling of deja vu. Wait a minute, I think I know why too. I made a thread like this a whiiiilllle ago. Oh well.

You made it like a month before I released Raised to Hate Orange, so I was chuckling to myself at the soon to be outdated poll.

Soylent grün ist menschenfleisch!

The orange one. It’s fuckin’ awesome.

Tombstone grey for me, but occasionally I’ll use Soylent Green or RPGC Blue. Orange, Yellow and Tutti Fruity are bad on my eyes, as they are extremely sensitive to light and bright colors.

Tombstone. It fits my general mood.

I use Vbulletin 3 Default. Every single other one is too bizarre/hard on my eyes/too dark for my taste.

Yeah, what he said.

whatever the hell that means.

I changed it to 984 Purple when it came out and I got used to it.

It means

Soylent Green is people.

I don’t know why not many people use 984 Purple, and Raised to Hate Orange. They are my favorites. :stuck_out_tongue:

TUTTI FRUITY IS FUCKING INSANE! I just switched to it, and my mind has gone insane, taking me thoroughly with it.

You were sane in the first place? How can you stand TF? It’s so god-awful.

Well, there’s blood coming out of my eyeballllllls, and my entire head is twitching, so I think it’s causing me severe nerve damage. I also accidentally tpyed like nine ls in eyeball, so…l

The default.

RPGC Blue. I’m waiting for a Brown Leather Coat setting.