What's wrong with me?

Those few who’ve heard my rants about video games know that I absolutely hate doing mind-numbing things like leveling up. I was surprised at myself that I spent a whopping 84 hours on Wild ARMs: Alter Code F! I’ve gotten every single Ex File Key and I never want to look at the bloody game again.

I think it’s the illustration galleries. I’m a sucker for artwork.

It’s the shinnies, they manage to get me too, like Valkyrie Profile’s gallery. I also have a severe completion whore issue, so much that I’m actually dragging my ass trough the bonus sections of Disgaea even though I’m fucking sick of the game.

The weird thing is that I’m not. I didn’t beat most of the Monster Arena in FFX, muddled through about half of the Ex File Keys in WA3, and couldn’t finish all the bonuses in Star Ocean 3. That’s why I’m kinda confused why I went so far this time. 8p

Maybe you just had fun doing all the little meaningless extras.

Sometimes if you enjoy the game enough, you’ll do all the extra stuff. Like, I liked Dragon Quarter and Shadow Hearts enough to do the sidequests, and I’m a strictly ‘NO SIDEQUESTS’ kinda guy.

It also be that your tastes might change over time. I remember a time when the only thing that mattered to me was engaging gameplay. Now, the story and dialogue overall matter a LOT more to me; if I think the dialogue is unconvincing, the plot is bad, or the pacing is too poorly balanced, I get bored. A good example would be ANY Grandia game, where the combat system is amazing, but you have to go through anywhere from two to three VERY long dungeons in a row before you advance the plot at ALL, and it’s usually not enough to make you interested enough to keep going. Man, it’s really obnoxious. Thoughts like this would have never occured to me a few years ago; I would have just mindlessly slammed through any Grandia game, heh.

Anyways, it could be either that you liked the game so much that it didn’t bother you to spend a lot of time on it, or it could be the start of a change of attitude within you. It’s probably the first one, though, as changes like that are usually slow and subtle.