What's wrong with DC Comics?

No, this isn’t another of my rants; it’s an article (OK, a blog, but a very well written and researched one) focusing on the problems DC comics has been having these past few years. Normally I don’t post comics stuff in the main board, but seeing as how this influences half of the most popular superhero characters in the world, I felt I should for those who might be interested.

Plus, the gag panels included there are HILARIOUS! (My favorite: the “bat-car” snicker!) They don’t seem to be related to the article itself, they are just there to lighten the mood. Except the last one (with Batman calling Superman meaningless) that’s (sadly) from an actual comic. Ohh, diss!!


The continuity barrier and art criticisms are definitely valid. I don’t really know any of the industry/PR stuff, but I know the lackluster, repetitive art doesn’t make me want to get into the storyline, especially considering how much work that would take.

Starting to read any comic book is a daunting task, all the good ones have been going for years. You can’t just pick up the back issues of Spiderman or Batman or whatever and catch up. It sucks. Reading wikipedia or whatever the catch up doesnt really cut it.

This, though I do have to note Brand New Day was a great situation to start reading Amazing Spider-Man again for me.

However, I do have to agree with most of this article’s points, especially in regards to continuity. I feel it’s a shame they try to forget the Silver Age; those are probably my favorite stories, despite how silly they could get. T’is why I’m collecting the Showcase Presents books right now.

That article was worth skimming for this and this alone:

I love that.

I just can’t keep up with all the retcons and tie-ins.

When you have to specify pre- or post-crisis, and Earth 1 or 2, that’s when you know a continuity’s too fuckign involved.