What's with this FF7 jibba jabba, foo's?


Confirming that Cloud is indeed a wuss.

What the bloody hell…?! That was insanely amusing!:hahaha;
Good one!

Strange. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve known about this for a while, but it’s still funny.

Ah, the lovely Mr T webring strikes again.

It just struck me as funny at the time. Now being later, it isn’t so much.

Cloud is, however, still a wuss.

:victoly:: More! More!
:yipee:: We want more!

have a bunch. ^_-

Mr T vs Everything Ever

Mr T sure can throw those jibba jabber’in foo’s helluva far…

Wherin T takes on the person who looks like him, none other than Barrett!

You can find the rest easily enough.:mwahaha:

:victoly: :yipee:: Yay!
sets the girls loose upon Pierson and starts reading the comics

drowning in RPG girlies

glub… drowning… no air… T! Help me!

T enters from stage left and throws all them girls helluva far (back to the Smilies bar)

“I piddy da foo who touches ma doods. Ah do!”

Ah, Mr T, what wise words you speak…

…I think I’ve seen this thing a LOOOOONG time ago…

When I first hopped on the net and looked up for some FF6 source. Then I heard about FF7. Whee. Then I got to this whole mess of FF7 vs something including this.

Someone is feeling rather evil at the moment. BUT STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Yeah. Unfortunately I only got t’internet last year, so I missed out on soooo much humour. Damn me and my hesitation!

Mwahaha, that was helluva funny, Pierson :slight_smile:

I live to provide links to your good selves. bows

And to write fanfics of course, but lets not confuse the issue.:mwahaha:

That’s awesome. Once again, Mr. T is proven as ‘the man’.

He’s helluva tough.

Love your sig warnings by the way. Are those actually genuine? They remind f government pamphlets.

By the Jaal’s crooked left eye: Do they never end?

I’ve gotten tired of Mr. T vs. SomethingSomething.

Answer: NO! YOu are doomed! Doomed I tell you! Mwahahaha!

And so forth…