Whats with the Obama hate?

I don’t really keep up with politics, but there’s a metric fuck ton of Obama hate I’m hearing lately and I’m oblivious as to why. Enlighten me?

He’s president.

He’s black.

He’s a democrat, and he’s black, and he says stupid things, and is making US government bigger and bigger…

He shut down manned space flights (although we weren’t really doing anything with it anyways).

Ah, who am I kidding. He got though a healthcare reform bill through a democrat heavy congress. For all I care he could have as many mistresses as Tiger Woods and it wouldn’t bother me none (so long as he doesn’t start any meaningless wars).

A myriad of factors.


More mainstream conservatives hate him for expanding the government (in ways they don’t like it expanded; they would prefer he expand it on moral issues).

Ron Paul followers hate him because they hate everyone in government besides Ron Paul. And soon to be [strike]Ayn[/strike] Rand Paul.

The Chomskys of the world hate him because he’s not liberal enough. “scoff That’s not free healthcare.”

The Democrats hate him because he took a year to get one bill passed, showing how utterly incompetent they are as a party and devoid of strong leadership (say what you will about the Republicans, but they can whip their party into line).

Gays and lesbians hate him because he didn’t give them full equality within five months of being sworn in. Seriously.

Blacks aren’t vocal about hating him, but I’m sure they don’t like him personally (while still enjoying the idea of a black man being The Man). Calling him Jim Crow, oreo, and the such. </completelybaselessallegation>

Terrorists hate him because he’s American. See Racist, supra.

Sean Hannity hates him because he bows to Asian leaders, thus supplicating America before the Yellow Horde. Also, his nuclear summit symbol was actually a Muslim Crescent Moon (or, rather, a stylized version of the Hydrogen atom). Also, because he’s a Democrat.

But me? I don’t hate him. God already took my favorite actor (Patrick Swayze), my favorite actress (Farrah Fawcett), and my favorite musician (Michael Jackson). I just want Him to know that Obama is my favorite president.

Are you joking? Mainstream conservatives hate him because he’s a democrat. They couldn’t care less what he does with the government.

I think there was very little in my post that wasn’t joking in one way or another.

But anyway, coming from the South where we have conservative Democrats, many mainstream conservatives are willing to look the other way at the parentheses behind the person’s name if the actual ideology is more in line. If he were a conservative, but a Democrat, conservatives wouldn’t have that much of a problem with him. Except for Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and those people.

If his stance on nuclear proliferation is any indication of ideology vs. party affiliation as a basis for the hate, then the latter seems to be much more significant.

I still think that’s ideology rather than party. It’s troublesome perversion of Strong Military ideology into a Peace Through America’s Might ideology. But that’s still ideology. Even before Obama, there was a growing shift to equate Strong Military with Peace by America’s Sword.

Crotanks, look no further; a little boy asked Obama your question and here’s the answer from Obama himself:

Boy Asks Obama, ‘Why Do People Hate You?’

What is he saying? I don’t have sound.

Obama: It’s a man’s turn.
Obama: Isn’t it!?
Obama: It’s a guy’s turn.
Obama: Okay. Here…here…here…this…this young man right here.
Obama: I’m gonna let him use my special mike.
Obama: Hey this is a big guy don’t go (…) come on man this is a…all right what’s your name?
Terrence: Terrence Scott
Obama: Huh?
Terrence: Terrence Scott.
Obama: Terrence Scott. All right what do you have to say?
Terrence: I have to say, why do people hate you? and … and why…you…they suppose to love you and…and God is love.
Obama: That’s what I’m talkin about!
Obama: Yeah come’on ay…that’s what I’m talkin’ about…Terrence.
Obama: I appreciate that…what…what grade are you in?
Terrence: Fourth.
Obama: You’re in 4th grade?
Obama: Well, now, first of all. Uh…I did get elected president so…not everybody hates me now… I don’t want you to…
Obama: I got a whole lot of votes. I wanna make sure everybody understand
Obama: But you know what is true is…is if you were watching T.V. lately it seems like everybody’s just getting mad all the time.
Obama: Um…and I…uh…you know I think that you got to take it with a grain of salt.
Obama: Some of it is just what’s called politics…where once…uhh…one party wins
then the other party kinda gets…feels like it needs to…to…poke you a lit’le bit…uhm…to keep you on your toes.
Obama: Uhh…and so you shouldn’t take it too seriously.
Obama: And then sometimes I…as I said before…people just uh…I think…they’re worried about their own lives
Obama: And a lotta people are losing their jobs right now.
Obama: And a lotta people are losing their healthcare or they’ve lost their homes to foreclosure.
Obama: And they’re feeling frustrated.
Obama: And when you’re president of the United States
Obama: Uh…you know…uh what…
Terrence: (says something not caught on mike)
Obama: “You gotta deal with all of that!” That’s exactly right.
Obama: And…you know…uh…you…you get some of the credit when things go good and when things are going tough then…you know…you’re going to get some of the blame and that’s part of the job.
Obama: But…you know…uhhh…I’m a pretty tough guy. Are you a tough guy?
Terrence: (says something)
Obama: You look like you’re pretty tough and…
Obama: And so…you just gotta keep on going even when uh folks are criticizing you…because…
Obama: as long as you know that you’re doing it for other people. All right!?
Obama: So thank you. You’re a fine young man. I appreciate ya.



To: Malia Obama <hypoallergenic_puppies_are_cute@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Massachusetts — WTF just happened Dad??

You know, I’m feeling pretty depressed, and kind of sick of thinking about it. But if it’s for your Modern American Politics class, I guess I have no choice! I’ll try to explain, though I’m not always sure I understand it myself.

Here’s how it works: when times are tough in this country, people want an outsider to come and shake things up. But as soon as he’s elected, he’s an insider, not an outsider, and if he can’t make everything perfect instantly, people figure that what they need is a new outsider, so they elect a bunch of people who basically want to stop the first outsider — the one who’s now an insider — from doing what it was they wanted him to do in the first place. So the first outsider usually only has a few months to do anything significant. But it turns out the voters don’t really want anything too significant — they wanted an outsider, it’s true, but they don’t want the outsider to do anything controversial, because (as well as liking outsiders) they dislike partisanship.

When the Republicans are in that situation, they go for broke, launch a few wars, get their lawyers to draft a few memos saying that whatever they feel like doing is legal, etcetera, and they figure that it doesn’t matter if people hate them for it, because in the natural cycle of events, they’ll get to pose as the outsiders again in a few years’ time. Whereas the Democrats remain bipartisan, which makes my leftwing supporters furious, because they think I should act more like a Republican and use the power we’ve got, except that too many Democrats in Congress think they need to stay bipartisan in order to keep their seats, when a new bunch of Republicans posing as outsiders challenge them next November, and without those Democrats, I don’t really have much power, so it all turns into a catastrophic death-spiral in which nobody can afford to spend the political capital that’s required to make the first move towards acting confident and seizing the reins.

So then the only thing left is to find a way to look like an outsider again, which helps explain why I’m now getting angry and proposing to overhaul the banks. While that’s happening, I’ll get Rahm to headbutt the House Democrats for a week or two behind the scenes, and then maybe — just maybe — we’ll end up with a slightly less terrible healthcare system, before the next presidential election, when a new Republican challenger, posing as an outsider, will have billions in campaign money from multinational corporations, thanks to the conservatives on the Supreme Court having just ruled that companies are persons, even though, when you think about it, they’re kinda not.

Don’t worry, I’ll be upbeat and inexplicably calm again by next week. I am, after all, Barack Obama. xxDad

But a union’s prayers couldn’t make him take Chris Christie.

His catchphrase was “Hope.” Hope leads to disappointment. Who saw this coming?