What's up with the forums?

Whenever I try to go to the forum homepage (That is to say, http://agora.rpgclassics.com ) I get a bunch of garbeled code under a “MediaWiki” header. I can acess this board fine, for some reason. I’m posting this here beacause it’s currently the only one in my history at the moment.

End of days?

I am sure by pointing this out the mods will quickly silence you, and the idea that they are not perfect beings put into power by God himself.

http://agora.rpgclassics.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1 here is a link to the core, I assume this is all you need because you are not a dirty Free RP forum goer. =)


wait it out, the ops already know.

Also notice the forum jump drop-down menu in the bottom-right corner. You can still go everywhere, the index just is fucked.

Some moron is experimenting on the server and fucked up.

Fixed. My bad, sorry.
copies Sin’s comments and pastes them on his bedroom mirror to remind him of his humanity

Sorry Cid <.<