What's the weirdest party you beat Final Kefka with?

Once, and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY, I beat it with Relm, Gau, Gogo, and Umaro. @_@ (I never thought this would be my 100’th post)

Ha! I once did it with Mog, Relm, Umaro, Gau!

I fought him with Gogo, once, and had everyone else stopped, so that he could fight by himself.

Did you win?

Originally posted by Chris of the Brood
Ha! I once did it with Mog, Relm, Umaro, Gau!

Yeah, but, Mog rocks.

Originally posted by Gilgamesh
Did you win?

Of course.

I beat it with just Relm. I killed everyone else.

Robo, doesn’t that mean you didn’t get thier endings, then?

And Gilgamesh: if you’re referring to me, then yes, i did win. Bum Rush and Blue Magic PWNZ.

Well, duh, that wasn’t the FIRST or LAST time I beat the game.

yeah, but still, I’d hate to do that. That’s why I just STOPPED my other characters, not kill them off!

this is a tad off topic, but isn’t it true that if you use Shadow to huck Illumina at Kefka he dies instantly? I believe a message appears saying “too much to count!” instead of the normal damage numbers.

(well, what do you know . . . I’m a Cute l’il UFO! :))

Bah, I’m a Manly Fish. So THERE.

Mako: I think that’s the AtmaWeapon instead, but I don’t know, like I said, I don’t like those instant death thingies.

Originally posted by DanteCole
Bah, I’m a Manly Fish. So THERE.

and i’m a pokey. i pwn you all. so THERE!!!11!!1!

…anyway, i beat it once using setzer, cyan, relm, and umaro. hardest time i’ve ever had with that fight…

I know it doesn’t fit the topic but I beat FFVI only once. I was insanely overpowered and killed Kefka with Terra, Celes, Relm, and Gogo all casting Ultima. Yeah, I know it’s overkill but I played for like 4 hours straight that night and I just wanted to get it over with.

It’s not fun to just pack on Ultima, I prefeer slow and painful beat up. In other words:


Oh, and guys, I know you didn’t mean anything but your post counts really matters as much as the result of a soccer match between the teams of Camboya and Kuwait.

the teams of what now?[/offtopicness]

i was thinking of a FFVI challenge and i thought, why not fight Kefka with Gau, Mog, Umaro and Relm with 0 MP.

Holy crap! Did you beat him?

only just!

I did it with, this has to be the weirdest of all, but Strago, Relm, Mog, and Celes each with NO MP!, I ran out of Ethers, Elixirs and Tinctues beating up Doom, who took out my Terra and Edgar, and I won by just hacking at him with the Illumina and Ragnarok with the equipped Gem box/ Genji Glove combo (it’s possible, check the arena) with Celes and adminstering X-potions, Hi-Potions and Phenoix Downs with Strago, While Relm and Mog consistently Sketched and Danced to beat him.