whats the first thing you think of when you hear Elf


Elves from northern European folklore (not just Anglo-Saxon) or perhaps the origins of the word in Old English and the Germanic branch of Indo-European languages.

The thirty-something times my Bahaalspawn Elf Mage was slaughtered by Firkragg in Baldur’s Gate 2. I’m not kidding.

so Lord of The Rings in which that type of Elf is rooted in

The movie Elf, because my sister is trying to watch it now and the TV wont work.

Cookies. :frowning:

Same here, minus the reason. If you had said “elves” the image would be different, but “Elf” alone make me think of the movie.

The Elf movie commercials have been playing all day, so I thought of the movie.

I thought of Legolas(SP?) , which I guess falls into LOTR.


LotR, of course.

I have to go for anglo-saxon mythology, although I’m rather depressed that nobody said santa.

I would’ve said that, if the LotR movies had never been made. :thud:


I would have said that as well, were it an option.

long ears

I thought of a Coca-cola propaganda idol, originally from Finland.

I alway sthought he was a Sprite, seeing as how he later become the mascot of ‘sprite’… then again, it could be a translation-type-thing.

sweet Legolas, and Stallion with the big nose. What a stud.

Will Ferral