What's the chronological order of Lunar?

I’m planning on playing the saga but I’d like to do it in the correct order. Can someone tell me?

If you mean Lunar as in Lunar: silver star story, then it’s L:SSSC and… that one game for the GBA, I think, then Lunar: Eternal Blue. If you mean something else, well, this is the only lunar I know.

Yes, that Lunar. So it’s Lunar: SSSC for PSX, the one for GBA and… what console is Eternal Blue in?

Playstation. But you don’t need to play the GBA game, it does well enough with just the two for PSX.

Thank you.

I thought the GBA Lunar was just a re-make of LSSS?

LUNAR Legend, yes, that’s a shitty remake. But there was another gaem that I never played for the series, I onlt know about it secondhand. Point is, anyone who enjoyed the GBA LUNAR desaerves to be raped.

Val, do you mean “Lunar Strolling School”? I think it’s been translated and the patch is out there somewhere, but I’m not sure. And I don’t think it takes place within the Lunar continuity. I think it’s not even really a traditional RPG… more like a Magic Academy of Vane simulator. 8)

Which one do you think is best, SSSC or Eternal Blue? Because I bought Eternal Blue but it seems like it might take me a whole load of scavenging to find SSSC and I’d like to know if it’s worth it.

It’s worth it. :wink:

by all that’s good, holy, and crunchy, it is worth it.

I agree, they ditched the great battle system and the special things make the game too easy. Mist Veil makes every boss incredibly easy (if you don’t know, Mist Veil makes your party completely invincible for 3 turns).

Lunar 2 has a bunch of sidequests that you can do.

:hint: If you have trouble with any of the bosses in either of the games let Alex or Hiro die. The stats of the bosses are determined by the level of Hiro and Alex. For example the first boss of LunarSSS has 100hp per each level Alex has gained, so if Alex is level 13 then the boss would have 1300.

Good idea in theory, but team members are automatically revived at the end of each battle in Lunar: SSS.

Then I’ll have to start diggin’ I guess.

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First off, from what I can tell, Onlt the first game had the “Boss stats are based of Alex’s level” thing, in LUNAR 2, it’s straight out stats for the monsters.

Second, the Floating slime monster has 80 HP per level, not 100. For some reason, i remember reading that in the LUNAR booklet, and it stuck in my mind. But it’s still 80.

Third, there IS a method in Lunar 1. besides having the entire party run, you can have individual members run. Thos that run do not get exp. for that battle. so, in theory, you can make Alex run from a lot of normal fights, while the others collect the exp. But I’ve actually tried this system, and in the long run, it’s actually easier if you just level Alex along with your guys.

Dalton’s the WA master, Xero may be the Disgaea master, but LUNAR is MINE, bitches!

Really now… Aside from the fact that I still don’t know how I beat Zophar on my first Lunar 2 game (it appears to have been a complete fluke) I’d say I know just about all there is to know about lunar as well. I’m currently working on the sega cd ones when calculus and various tri-ace games aren’t eating my soul.

And for the record, powerleveling indeed has the usual effects in lunar 2, as bosses are indeed fixed as far as their stats go(and neutered for the most part over the sega cd version).

Lunar Strolling School is for Game Gear, and remade as Lunar Magic School for Saturn; it has a lot of story and game time added to it, almost like a 2x Complete version :stuck_out_tongue: Either way, neither version has been translated. The Game Gear version is kinda standard DW Style RPG, or maybe think early FF. The Saturn version, as I can gather through the screenshots, takes up the normal Lunar combat engine that we’re used to seeing.

I found a partial patch of the game gear version, but it barely covers the first chapter.

In my very humble opinion, L:SSSC is the better of the two…