What's Red and White and Suave all over?

I was guessing Ultraman, but you’re pretty Suave, too. Get well soon, Wil.

I haven’t had chicken pocks before either. Eep.

Hope you get better soon Wil. :slight_smile:

(My friend’s uncle gashed his head on Thanksgiving, bad things like to wait for the holidays.)

Thanks, Kiro and Arac. And the good news is, I’m virtually cured now! My sister got me some antivirals and that seems to have really helped. My blisters are all dried up, I have no other symptoms and my sister says I’m no longer infectious. I was able to spend New Year’s with my family!! I removed the crusts off my face and arms first so as not to scare people, I still have plenty on my body but they don’t itch or anything. The one good thing about this experience is that it means I’LL NEVER HAVE THE STUPID POX AGAIN, Thank God!

Haha crusts and blisters? Jeez, I don’t remember any of those when I had it