What's on your HD?

10% Games
25% Program Files
25% Anime
5% mp3s
5% Fics and writing
40% a whole loada other stuff I forget. Drivers etc.

Total Space: 40Gb

I’m bored, so here we go, another ‘what do you have’ thread. Tell all, or face my raging apathy.

You don’t have to tell how much pr0n you saved though. :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Total Disk Space: (7.97GB/94.51GB - 8.4% Free - 2 Drives)

61.6 Gig is Anime
8.57 Gig are various roms and ISOs
6.81 Gig are mp3s, chatsounds, soundtracks etc
2.19 Gig is Manga
265 MB is random crap
No games installed

The rest are all random things like program files, system files, porn, etc.

28,1% Games (Emulation included…)
39,8% Video Files (Anime/Movies/Series/H…::dekar!::slight_smile:
9,4% Music Music
1% Random Philes
(About) 22% Empty

Total Space: 20 Gigs

Which of them? I have five.

There is the one in my stationary, which has nothing but programs and the operative systems on it, and there are the four remote ones which contains my documents, my anime, my manga, my downloads, and so on.

All togheter 128gB of storage space.

Right now windows, Mozilla, mIRC, ICQ, AIM, and MSN. New computer after my surge protector didn’t work.

I have 3 HDs and one of those flash memory devices that you carry in the pocket of your shirt.

Oldest HD - 800 Mb

730 filled with backups from the my documents folder. It gets so big because I had to work with documents that included images sometimes, and when you insert an image in a .doc file, the image will always be saved as a .bmp in it. My works usually grow up to 20 mb.

Second oldest HD - 4.3 Gb

Windows XP eats a good 1 GB and something chunk of it
AutoCad (for my father, I cant use it) must take some more 600-800
Ulead takes another 200
Office takes 600 something
Documents that are also backed up in the oldest HD make for some more 300 mb
Old games (Rainbow Six, Uprising, Unreal 1 and the such, I forget which I have installed) make up for more 700.
There´s also Norton, but I forgot how much it takes.

Latest HD - 40 Gb

4 GB in wma, 160 Kbp/s, which I ripped myself. I know I could have got them 128 Kbp/s and it would make no difference in the sound, but I like it this way.
3.3 Gb in downloaded MP3s.
4.2 Gb in anime
10 Gb in installed games
Photoshop 7 makes for more 700, or something close to that I guess.
There´s also big things like Norton, Office, etc. and small ones like Mirc, gertright etc. which I´m not listing cause it´d take too long to cite them all.

Flash card - 128 mb

Nothing right now

2 HD’s, recently formatted them so they’re a little spartan

1st one- 5GB size- mainly all drivers & stuff + temp files, 2 GB used

2nd one- 35GB size- everything else. A few dozen MB in files, a couple of GB in graphics apps etc. about 1GB in games.

I’ll get round to filling it eventually… :wink:

Random Crap. That’s what’s on my HD.

I only have 2GB on my hard drive, so all I have are basic/necessary things like IE, AOL, Word, etc.
Plus I have about 50MB of emulation stuff.


That’ about it, really.

Over 1 Gb of music files (midi and mp3 from games and anime)
Several Gb of games (the two Soul Reaver games, UFO: Enemy Unknown, Lionheart, Freedom Fighters, Jedi Academy, Jedi Knight II and a few others) and roms, and half a dozen ISO files.
A few game walkthroughs in my documents folder, a handful of scanned sketches, an insane amount of anime gifs (my sister keeps getting them like there’s no tomorrow) and one or two hidden folders with personal projects, fics and the like.
As for percentages, it’s hard to tell right now.

Navigations 1-14 of Star Ocean: The Second Story manga.

Various art from friends.




Basic WINXP junk

Around 5MB’s of fanfiction.

Music is atleast 15 GBs ^^; (too lazy to organise this batch without sugar)

Anime I have all on CDs and am too lazy to put back on my computer <.<;; so they don’t count

Roms and ISO? Pif, I barely have 300 MBs :stuck_out_tongue:

Actual games? Most likely around 5 GB… but no more then 6.

way to many saved picture of cute things/cool things/hawt things ( <.<;;; ) is about a 1 gb, which is pretty good considering the near non-existant file size for them all :stuck_out_tongue:

And I can proudly say I have 0 porn on my computer. You would be hardpressed to find a naked body! nod nods

All my pictures are cute <.<;


Just out of curiousity, Eden, where do you find all of your avatars?

I’ve got a bit more than 9 gigs of Stuff.

I had almost twice as much before I decided that I only want legal anime, and deleted my anime collection…

But my stuff is music (about 3000 songs. I know, not very much :P), pics (anime, games, other… No pr0n though), games, <I>games</I>, GAMES…
I’ve got more than 70 games on my HD. All all of those are just old games like Quest For Glory, Mean Ugly Dirt Sports, Zork, and Ultima…
I’ve also got Diablo(I), Hexen, and a few hundred ROMs… Some really weird…
(By “weird” I mean ROMS like Wedding Peach, Nage Libre and DoReMi Fantasi Milon no DokiDoki Daiboken…
ROMs that very few other people even know about :P)

Let’s see my old one has:[ul]
[li]last year’s IT coursework
[/li][li]some of my old pieces of writings
[/li][li]my parents junk

This one has:[ul]
[/li][li]my current pieces of writing
[/li][li]various bits and bobs

Not sure how much space is on either one, haven’t bothered to check it lately.

Sectors, tracks, and clusters.

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker

That’ about it, really. [/b]
I want to be surprised, but I just can’t bring myself to be for some reason.

Let’s see…

C:\ WinXP - 10gigs // 5.52gigs used for program files
D:\ Downloads - 10gigs // 2gigs used for downloaded progs
E:\ Games - 20gigs // 14.82gigs used for games and ISOs
F:\ Movies - 20gigs // 6.90gigs used for anime and DVD-rips
G:\ Music - 60gigs // 53.48gigs used for Anime Soundtracks

Ok, what I basically have on my C partitions are all my programs and pictures. As for my D partition, it’s all programs I downloaded and installed which I keep along with the keygens and cracks.

My E partition is for games (the ones I have installed: Alien VS Predator 2, Battlefield 1942 + Secret Weapons of WWII exp, Emulation, Freedom Fighters, Halo - Combat Evolved, Medal of Honor Allied Assault + Breakthrough exp, Midnight Club 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein + Enemy Territory multi SAM, Warcraft III + Frozen Throne exp) along with the ISOs I keep “cd images” which are as follows: MidnightClub2-Razor1911, FreedomFighters-Immersion, Halo-CombatEvolved-FLT.

My F partition is for anime movies mostly. I have Onegai Twins 1-11, Avenger 1, Last Exile 1-25, Hand Maid May 1-12, Scryed 1-26 and some misc AMV’s.

Last but not least my G partition which contains all of my music from A to Z. I’d tell you all that I got but it would take forever. Just imagine instead 600 anime soundtracks all labeled and in order from many various animes =) I also have some game soundtracks which are on a 15gig drive on the same computer.

I also have a 60gig hardrive just waiting to be filled with more anime osts and movies/series.

Total HDD space: 195gigs

C:\ - 20 GB, all system stuff, nothing exciting here
D:\ - 120GB, Games, Digital pictures
E:\ - 200GB, 50GB of AMV, 100GB of mp3, 50 GB free
F:\ - 200GB, 185GB of anime, 15Gb err… “free” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I am a space whore :stuck_out_tongue:

It happens when you work in a computer store and get wholesale prices on comp stuff…

Did I mention Im currently playing the marketing beta of AoM: Titans expansion? :stuck_out_tongue: