What's in YOUR wallet?

Condoms in wallets may also be torn by the constant friction.

Anyway, I got:
Cold, hard cash.
debit card
phone cards for urgent calls that’d charge too much from a cell
a selection of cards from interesting places all around the Greek isles (hey, you never know…)
military ID
old papers of leave

I still got plenty of stuff at home (like memorable photos).

Use a garbage bag as a condom and a wallet. Two birds with one stone.

-rewards card for the local cinema
-rewards card for Amtrack, from when I actually rode the train
-rewards card for Borders
-Gamestop Edge card
-Blockbuster membership card
-USAA Platinum MasterCard
-Visa debit card with the logo of the bank before it was bought
-USAA Roadside Assist card
-How to Pray the Rosary, which is weird because I’m not Catholic, but meh
-Card with the combo to my teller vault at the bank I work at
-Appointment card for a hair cut
-Social Security card
-Voter Registration card
-Local historical society membership card
-USAA member card
-Business card for my bank manager
-Business/Appointment card for the local dermatologist
-Business/Appointment card for my therapist
-American Red Cross Blood Donor card
-HMO card
-Another copy of above HMO card
-Last year’s HMO card
-Another copy of my bank manager’s business card
-Vehicle registration, because I keep forgetting to put it in my car
-Driver’s License
-College ID
-Library card from when I was, like, 9, that I still use
-Wallet copy of my HS Diploma

Man, I really should clean this out.

They gave you a wallet copy of your diploma? I don’t think I even got a copy at all.

…um, Jettatura? Are you aware that it’s a massively bad idea to post the information you just did publicly?

Yeah… No idea why though.

Also, you should probably look into getting one, it might be important at some point >_>

I assumed all that was fake. Was I the only one?

I know, right? It’s unfortunate that nobody is in my school’s office to get it from when I’m home, and for some stupid reason they refuse to mail it out-of-state unless I pay postage or something. I think they’re just angry with me and want to make it difficult.

Heh, that’s why you get someone they like to ask for you! Or your parents. Angry parents are the bane of schools everywhere.

Just thought I’d give you guys a few updates. There’s a couple of used condoms mixed in there with the bunch now. I think the little buggers are starting to form communities. The Trojans and the Durexii seem to be segregating themselves off, and now they are fighting for control of the long Strong Man. Normally I’d just throw them out, but this thread has inspired me to greater pursuits. Will keep you all updated.

MY wallet is scary, I’m a packrat
I bet I win for most stuff

Expired visa card
Home Depot Commercial card
Circuit City Gift Card
Borders Gift Card
Publix Check Cashing Card (I don’t think they’ve used these in like 3 years)
Card for movie rental place that went out of business 2 years ago
Visa Card
Best Western Gift Card
Reminder for Dr Appointment
Barnes & Nobles Discount Card
Student ID
Gym Membership
Driver’s License
A few Hundred boomer’s tickets
Drink card for Border’s Cafe
Yogurt Heaven customer card (used once)
Library Card (over 20 years old)
Vcom card
Business card for comedy traffic school
Marble Slab Ice cream Card (expired 4 years ago)
GameStop Card (Expired 4 years ago)
Social Security Card
AAA Plus Membership Card (Expired 5 years ago)
Bug Card (To buy crickets for my Bearded Dragon - died 2 years ago :frowning: I miss my dragon. )
Annual Pass for Universal Studios Orlando
Triple C Groves frequent buyer card
My original Voter’s Registration Card (from '97)
Disney Annual Pass (from 2006)
Tandy Leather Factory Wholesale Club Card
Albertson’s Preferred savings card
Aquatic Club membership card
New Voter’s Registration Card
Comedy Club Free Pass
a dozen random receipts (dating from as much as 3 years ago)
Address to a girl in Wisconsin (who I remember nothing about, though her name is written as Ristil; I hope it isn’t someone on here, or it will be embarrassing/awkward)

So many gym membership cards… Jeez, what’s up with that. Are you guys trying out for the WWE?!

I guess I’ll post what’s in my wallet too:

gym membership card
cash to buy services from prostitutes and coke (I one-upped ya all there didn’t I)

I think you forgot to mention CONDOMS.

Money(hopefully), credit card, debit cart, ID, shoe store discount cart, bra store discount card, subway point card, picture of son, sometimes dome DS games,library card.

And the recipe for swine flu, of course:moogle: