What's in YOUR wallet?

Also, if you’re serious, I think that’s the coolest thing ever :stuck_out_tongue:

No. They’re not coupons. They’re plastic cards that many grocery store chains encourage you to sign up for (free of charge). Getting one (free of charge) then lets you get some of the advertised discounts (or rather, not pay Stupid Tax).

What are you? MacGuvyer?

I bet you’re just one paperclip away from building a makeshift Uzi.

Library Card
Insurance Card
Check Card

No, you fool! Can’t you see? She’s in an adventure game.

I bet if she tries the shiny thing on the stamp, she says, “that doesn’t work.”

Money, my debit card, a key card, my buss pass, my library card and receipts. Nothing interesting really.

money, ID, student’s ID, atm card, student’s mensa card, apartment key. that’s pretty much everything.

2 debit cards
1 drivers license
1 credit card
1 metropass (toronto transit card)
1 movie gift certificate
various bank stubs
various receipts
student ID
library card
photocopy card
gym card
guest passes that came with gym card
insurance papers
hospital card
glasses prescription
provincial health card
various business cards
appointment card for the dentist
a list of books I want
card for a soup place with 8 punches in it.

*A card that says something about Jesus
*Ten Commandments that I’ve had in there since I was 11
*A bunch of fortune cookie fortunes
*Driver’s License
*Debit card
*Student ID
*Medical card
*Trojan condom
*Social security card
*Wal-Mart discount card
*Business card of some tattoo artist

Zepp’s condoms. Nothing but Zepp’s condoms.

Nice. Ha-ha.

Drivers license: Number ERASED
Bank of America Debit Card: Number ERASED FOR YOUR OWN SAKE
Security Code GONE
Social Security Card: REMOVED
Birth certificate: Born SOMETIME
Library Card
Blockbuster Rewards Card

That’s all. Hope I didn’t leave out any important details.

Edit by Zero: Wtf? Even if those numbers may be fake, never even joke about this degree of information.

You forgot your name. And address.

3€ 80 cents cash
1 american cent (O_o;)
Cash/Debit Card
Driver’s license
Student ID
Engineering Student ID
Travel Insurance Card
Health Insurance Card
7x Coffee ticket
1x Lunch ticket
2x Movie Serial ticket

I’ll trade my Necropotence for your Illusions of Grandeur.
Wouldn’t a rubber survive in a small cardboard case or something that it could fit in?

No cash at the moment, except for some spare change. Usually carry about 200 SEK with me, though.
Old receipt.
Gift card for 600 SEK at Stadium (clothes, shoes, and sports stuff.)
Two library cards. (City library, and an old one for the University library. Not sure of the Uni one even works anymore.)
Bank/Debit card.
Two Grocery Store Discount/Membership Cards. (One for each of the two major grocery store chains here.)
Driver’s License.
Score Card for a Mario Cart Arcade GP. (The machine itself is in a basement arcade in Hong Kong though.)
Membership card for Team Sportia. (Store chain with clothes and sports stuff.)
Medical Card.
DCI Membership card.
Club Greyscale Membership card.
Various cards and papers related to internet login for my bank.
Rechargable bus card/ticket.
Membership card and trade-in card for GAME. (The trade-in card is basically a debit card that only works in GAME stores and you charge it by trading in old games.)
Old movie tickets. (Latest was Dragonball Evolution.)
Membership card for Nintendo Videospelsklubb (Nintendo Videogameclub), which I keep around just to brag. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could apply for membership by sending in a form that came with NES games. And I think you could become a member if you subscribed to the old Nintendo magazines. (The one with the Super Mario World and Link to the Past comics.)

I lost mine with my Mario wallet when I was like, eight years old >:(

-Driver’s Permit
-Graduate and undergraduate college IDs
-2 Credit cards
-Macy’s card
-Debit Card
-Hospital card
-Health insurance card
-Casino cards
-Gamestop gift cards
$42.00 USD

A lock of hair from each of my victims

There’s really no reason to carry these around. If you lose all your government issued IDs at the same time, it’ll be a big PITA to get them replaced. Also for identity fraud reasons.

My wallet:

Driver License
Dave & Busters Power Card
Debit Card (checking)
Corporate Amex
Best Buy Reward Zone
Credit Card
AAA Card
My business card (a few)
Quick Reference medical card
Business Travel service card
Independent Health card
Prescription Card

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Trojan condom


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Zepp’s condoms. Nothing but Zepp’s condoms.

Nice. Ha-ha. [/i][/QUOTE]

I would keep a condom in my wallet, but I can never find one large enough.