What's in YOUR wallet?

No, seriously. What do you have in that magical leather pouch that goes wherever you go?

Mine contains the following:

*My ATM card
*My ID
*My library card
*My gym membership card
*An empty Barnes and Noble gift card I got for my birthday one year
*One of my father’s business cards that has my social security number written on it
*A pass that got me free entry to Busch Gardens one year
*One US dollar
*Two band-aids
*One coupon for this Mexican restaurant I like
*One temporary tattoo, good for +2 power in a game of Munchkin™

You are way too bored.

Canadian (monopoly) money, US money, a 2 for 1 movie ticket a bunch of business cards, my Sears card, my canadian visa card, my US mastercard card, debit card, driver’s license, undergrad and graduate school IDs, my medical insurance card, a card for free coffee / hot chocolate. An expired season pass at a shitty amusement park. Probably a few things I can’t think of.

Cash, usually no more than £50, credit card, cash card, mobile phone top-up card, various store loyalty cards. That’s it really.

A little bit of money, a few receipts. My student card, my credit card and my atm carddd.d Uh. Oh, an Eason’s card (it’s a bookstore if you’re wondering). A few student discount cards. And an mtg card so when I forget my dci number I have someplace to check it.

What the hell, I’ll bite.

I’ve got me…
One driver’s license
One student ID for the two-year community college I used to go to
One Geico insurance slip of paper
One Selective Service Registration Acknowledgment card
One discount punch card to a local comic book shop good for 20% off with ten punches (I’ve only got one though)
One ATM card
One Medical Alert card saying that I wear contact lenses (even though I haven’t worn contact lenses in years)
One Public Library card with really shitty handwriting on it.
One second ATM card from the bank that I originally set up my savings account with (they’ve been since bought out)
One BSA Eagle Scout card
One receipt for a fountain beverage at a soon to be defunct Border’s Bookstore with extra espresso soy syrup from 12/30/06
One receipt for a copy of FF XII:SE from a local GameStop from 10/21/06
And currency amounting to 32 US dollars

Guess I’ve got some cleanin’ to do.

Random cards. I don’t carry it around with me because it’s an inconvenient place to put money and I don’t use what’s in it, unless I’m buying alcohol. I haven’t been ID’d in ages, but I take it with me just in case. Other than that I only carry my iPod, and sometimes not even.

Debit card. Credit card. AAA card. World’s Smallest Political Quiz. $70. My old Gap employee card. Two student IDs (UGA and Wake). Some grocery store discount cards. Best Buy Reward Zone Card. Safe combination card. High school diploma. Auto insurance. And driver’s license.

Condoms. Nothin’ but condoms

One driver’s permit, not a full license.
One student ID card.
my ATM/Debit/credit card.
Tops Friendly market Discount card.
McDonald’s gift card that has maybe $3 left on it.
my medical insurance card.
Blood donor card.
$12 in cash.
A scrap of paper mentioning someone apparently owes me $2 for some reason.
A condom a table from Planned parenthood was handing out at college yesterday.

If you keep condoms in your wallet, it makes them worthless for protection. They should be room temperature- a wallet will be too warm.

Why do you think he keeps them in his wallet?

Maybe that’s my goal. Soon, I will have a veritable army of half-breed super soldiers at my disposal. We will invade hmong chatrooms without mercy.

There’s only one thing in my wallet that’s truly important: a fortune I got from a fortunate cookie that says “You are the master of every situation. :)” The end.

I got that same fortune, SG! Lucky numbers 46, 8, 44, 18, 24, 5!

Driver’s Licence
Student ID
Various Cards (Business, Medical, etc.)
Beta Club Card (It’s useless…why I have it, I don’t know.)
Debit Card
McDonalds Gift Card ($5…the fuck!?)
EB Games EDGE Card (expired)
Casino Card (Needed for semi-high stakes gambling)
Dave & Buster’s Power Card
Blood Donor Card
American Eagle Card (Stolen…never have used it though)
Main Event Play Cards ($20?)
Best Buy Card
Movie Rental Cards
Special Quote (by me at my worst)
Condom (It’s gotta be going bad by now. -_-)

I got too many damn cards for shit.

another wallet



260 Chinese Yuan
20 US Dollars (the most useful bill in the world)
Business cards
Beijing subway card
Shanghai subway card
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Debit Card
Chase Manhattan VISA
CitiBank Debit Card
Expired Illinois Driver’s License
Internet Banking Card for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
HSBC Debit Card
Cafeteria Card
Gym membership card
Copy of my passport / Chinese visa
Permanent Residence Registration form
Card listing phone numbers of all the people in my company

Hmm…good question. Since I swapped to a purse I kinda emptied my wallet.
So this is what’s left inside of it:
A stick of gum…ew,
100 en,
A little charm for good luck bought at a shrine in Japan, complete with some card that tells me what it’s a charm specifically for,
A shiny thing I found on the floor one day,
14 cents,
Wells Fargo business card,
2 hot topic things,
A Stuff Happens card from Bank of America,
Bank of America business card,
SS security card,
Birth Certificate,
1 stamp,
A 2 dollar bill,
Packaging business card,
My boss’s business card,
A business card from someone I don’t know,
U.S. Postal delivery Confirmation Receipt from awhile back,
A receipt,
Make up brushes.

We call those coupons up here.