What's in the pipeline?

Ah, the all important first post. No pressure.

Actually, I’m sort of screwed. I’m not even sure I’m in the right place. I’m in an RPG group of seasoned veteran players. We’re alternating between Iron Heroes, Lot5R and Eberron. The problem is, I’m not running any of them. Some of my playmates (not the Playboy kind, unfortunately) are voracious new product readers, so if something good is coming up, they pre-order and that basically rules out that system, since they all read it before me.

So what to do? I’m hoping someone on here will read this post, think “what would a group of 30 somethings like to play that Bashfull can get before the others?” and recommend something to me, based on the games we’re already playing. I’d guess it should be something that’s different from the other three, and my snobby mates aren’t fond of cyperpunk genre stuff.

Any help on this woud be gratefully appreciated. Also, if I’m posting crap on the wrong thread, I’m sorry and I’ll get my kimono on the way out.


I’m gonna say sex. That’ll show those bastards.

Yeah, this is mostly a videogame forum, as opposed to P&P RPGs.

However, your group might enjoy Call of Cthulhu. As might be expected, it’s not terribly combat focused, and the potential for screwing with your players is insane.

Thanks. I’ll bugger off quietly.

I recommend Paranoia, but only because it was my “fanhood of the moment” prior to Path of Neo.

Also, it’s spelled “bashful.” One L.