What's in a name?

I had a semi-interesting idear that involves your screen name on the MB. Why did you choose it/how did you come up with it/inspirations, that sort. So let’s begin. I chose mine, 'cause I like Kagato Toujou, Kagato means “The Great/Godlike One/Being” in some language or another, and he or someone that looks/acts like him is always keeping the Hero man down. I mean, sure the villian dies at the end, but he has the most fun in much more of the episodes.

That and those Green laser shit he uses in the original OVA. That’s where I got “Green Hand of Death” from, because it’s green…it’s a hand…and it ki11z j00!"…yeah.

So what’s in your name?


I got mine from one of my favorite game series of all time, Gradius (and parodius, to a lesser extent). I’ve always liked the look of the Vic Viper ship and the over all coolness of the Vic Viper mech in Zone of the Enders 2 made me decide to use this name.

I got Xelopheris from Ephemeral Phantasia. However, after researching it, Xelo is the name of a computer hardware company somewhere in Europe, and Pheris is an RPG Development group somewhere.

You know, I made a topic like this shortly after I first registered. :slight_smile:

GG used to stand for something, but nowadays I just like the way it sounds.

Crono…see my “Favorate RPG” slot. :wink:

And the 4 is a carry-over from my very first AOL screenname, ZEO J4.
And it just seems to fit. :slight_smile:

The answer to mine is not Chrono Trigger despite what you may think.

MacMaverick was mostly taken. That is the reasoning behind my name - that and Sorcerer sounded cool when I was 12.

Originally posted by Flintedge
The answer to mine is not Chrono Trigger despite what you may think.
Why would anyone think that?

Originally posted by Sorcerer
MacMaverick was mostly taken. That is the reasoning behind my name - that and Sorcerer sounded cool when I was 12.
And if I remember correctly, Mac Maverick had something to do you with your constant hatred towards Apple Computers at school.

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Why would anyone think that?
Cause there’s a weapon called Flint Edge in it.

Well let’s see…

“Crystal Rose” came about when I realized I didn’t want to keep using my other online name as the same name I wrote my yaoi fanfics under sort of like keeping seperate worlds online if you will

so I created Crystal Rose from my love of… geeze get this… Roses and Crystals…

the “460” happened when I tried signing up somewhere and Crystal Rose was already taken so I wanted something I could remember easily and so I chose “460” cause one of my fave J-pop singers “Gackt” claims he’s older than that… :fungah:

stupid… easy… I love it… glomps name

Many (many) years ago, I was DM’ing a D&D game. We were a little short on players, so I threw an NPC Fighter into the party to balance things out. Thus… Rast was born.

Rast’s exploits (with the party of course) included an epic battle against an ogre on a frozen pond (“Save your dexterity… whoop! You fall on your ass and go sliding to the other side!”), a titanic battle against a hoard of drow waged from the inside of a broom closet (They were sneaking throw a large group of them with the aid of invisibility scrolls, stupid dwarf was trying to tiptoe in plate clink, clink, clink The party all ran into various cubbyholes to keep from being totally surrounded), and, in the final battle of the game, he kept getting knocked down by a high-level sorceress with one hit and the party’s healer did nothing but heal him the entire time.

I had so much fun that game I’ve kept the name ever since.

I mention it before, and I will say it again. It all because of Rast that I have this name. For I attempted to create my own RPG for the ill fated RPG Engine, and in order to do that, I needed a main character. At the time, I went by generic user names like Goblez or Lavos so I had to think of something original. So at lunch the next day I started to rearranged the letters of various non-related nicknames from something else. In the process of doing that I have created Rirse and Atrast. Other names were created too, like Aasea, Kasing, and that ninja guy I forget.

the ill fated RPG Engine, and in order to do that, I needed

… can’t win all the time! :o

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> I had to get rid of RPGDragon. Badly. So I just asked around in the chat.

I like the moon!

Well, actually, mine’s directly from FFVIII, if you couldn’t tell. Has some hidden meanings though - like, remove the second ‘r’ and you get ‘lunacy’ :slight_smile:

Mabatsekker - A mangling of letters centered around my name, given to me by this one guy in fifth grade because I was so good in games (which were his :stuck_out_tongue: ) Spinoffs: Mabazi, Mabs, Maxekker, etc…

My dad’s e-mail was dgalloway@whatevercablewehad. I sent a mailbag submission in to Cid, but didn’t sign it. He posted my name as “d Galloway”. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Lord is my favorite class in the Fire Emblem games, and Zhou Yu is my favorite character from the Dynasty Warriors series.


i think my name’s pretty obvious. my 2 favourite FF characters, Cloud STRIFE and SQUALL Leonhart put together.