What's in a name

I have always been Sir Percival, for no name, I reckon, could better suit me. On other some other sites, I have added a surname, Rhyndon, and to others, an epithet, ‘the Gallant’.

I’ve been Mr. Saturn since I got my first e-mail address in 1995. I was MrSaturn2@aol.com then (not anymore, obviously), then I was mrsaturn@gte.net, then mrsaturn@flash.net, then mrsaturn@swbell.net, then mr_saturn@attbi.com. I’d also had side e-mail addresses, like <A HREF="mailto:mr_saturn@geocities.com?subject=DON’T LOOK AT ME!!!">mr_saturn@geocities.com</A>, the only one I still have from back then, which I’ve had since 1996, when I signed up for my first Geocities account.

What about Merlin?

My self started with WindyTWIT followed by Sharpetown, I just keep since those emails going since I needed them when I first aquired the name of Big Nutter in forums before coming here.

If the Mod’s would like to change my name…

Cybercompost (again)

I miss CC. :frowning:

Always been Cala.

I use Jo the Mighty because it was a name I made to get this one guy to quit bugging me this one weekend, many years ago. Since then I’ve considered it immature and arogant and have wanted it changed (one of the reasons I stopped comming here, other then I never had anything to say) but I couldn’t comeup with anything decent.

I am Jo the Mighty, stay out of my way and no one gets hurt.

Oracle > Xelo > Leimrey > Xelo

devillion. I make new usernames for AIM and stuff, but they always somehow contain “dev”.

Was Igachu just to piss off Zero (he wanted to use that as a punishment name). Still Igatona.


RPGC Cless Alvein

aw I’ve got nothin’ :frowning:

I changed my name as a joke two years ago and no one will change it back >:O

Remember when someone changed my name to Klez Alvein?






I used to be “Shibaloo the Great,” but that was too long so I shortened it to “Infonick”.

Seriously though, I used to be “RPGames Webmaster” (no joke) on the miva boards and I some other name before that, but I can’t remeber what it was. I also used to be “Infoman” at one time. God, just looking at my name now makes me want to change it. It is such a lame name. It’s just so stupid. Ah well, no point in changing it now.

Saturn, I agree with you: It’s not that persons HAVE to keep the same internet handle forever, but if they change it they should announce it so everybody in the group knows (BTW, I’m assuming RPG_D is TD. Is that right?)

As for me: Yes, Wilfredo Martinez is my real name, and I’ve been using it since the beginning. Thought I tried to get it changed once. And to my surprise, people here protested! They said it sounds Suave, like a Spy name (!!!)

I’ll admit, I’ve never liked my name. All my life, I’ve been called “Sijo” (pronounced: See-ho) it’s a misspelling of “Sea Hunt”- My Mom was a fan of the show. But she spoke no English, and assumed that was the name of the main character! :slight_smile: Anyway, I feel attached to it. I felt it was unique. Certainly, around here. (thought I later found out there IS such a thing as a “Sijo”- it’s a type of Korean poetry. (Really!!)

Why didn’t I use Sijo when I joined RPGC? I was too new to this posting business- I didn’t realize almost no one uses his real name. By the time I did, it was too late. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I do use Sijo for every other site I visit. So, if you see a (Puerto Rican) Sijo posting anywhere else, chances are it’s me. ^_~

I personally have always been IonMage, ever since I outgrew some random ‘insert popular character9072’, which was quite analogous to my jump from Middle School to High School. Never felt the need to switch after, save for various alterations to name (initially it was IONMAGE, complete with all caps and no space. I later ditched the allcaps for obvious reasons, and put a space in for a while. The space caused issues since some places dont accept spaces, so to ease my memory I ditched my space, though you may find me with one in some places)

I wan’t all of you who think they have bad names to take a good, hard look at mine. Ya, I thought so.

Liar, Phoeret or whatever the fuck it was

I changed my nick to Satan_Claus for awhile during Christmas, but that’s all.

Always been Pierson, I think.

used to have the name KoS Gilgamesh, cause I was in a star craft clan, blah blah blah, I’ve told this story a billion times.