What's in a name

On the internet, your entire recognition is based on your name. We don’t see your appearance (well, rarely), and we don’t hear your voice, so we just know a name. My question is, WHY THE HELL DO YOU PEOPLE KEEP CHANGING THEM!!!?!!?!

I’m really confused, honestly, and that other thread made me think about it, so…

Does anyone know what some of the current names of some of the older visitors are? Similarly, anyone who had changed their name, what were some of your older names? This isn’t meant to be one of those cool “oh, I used to be this on some other forum!” crap, it’s honestly so I know who the hell I’m talking to. I should have made this thread some time ago.

I used to be known as Megaman984. I’m sure that took you a while to figure out, Sat. :slight_smile:

Nope, I’ve always had the same one.

I used to be known as El Piano Loco. Charlemagne would be the next logical step

Only had 3 names, and this one lasted the longest.

Still Nightblade, although I have been thinking about changing it. I realized that it’s a really corny name.


How do you change your name? Make a new account?

Although, I like mine, so I’m gonna stick with it.

You bug one of the admins.

I can honestly say that since my inception in 2000 I have never once changed my handle, not even for a joke. Straight and steady, that’s me.

I forgot the time I was gackt!
haha, that rocked

I use Arian_Samurai and RC_Cola now

I used to use Ryoga32

What’s in a name?

A person.
I am Nulani, I’ve always been Nulani, and I’ve no intention of becoming someone else.

I used to be Lord Zhou Yu, then I changed it when I realized I wasn’t obsessed with the Dynasty Warriors games anymore.

This is the name I use almost everywhere, so I likely won’t change it again.

I try to use this name anywhere I go. I hate it, though, when someone else has already taken it. I don’t really have a backup…

I think people change their names as they themselves change. As, I beleive, you posted earlier, your name reflects who you are on the internet, so they feel the need to change it.

Or it could just have to do with whatever they really like at the time of the choosing of the name. Whatever works.

Yah, but you don’t change your name in real life, do you? Then your just a new person, not a revised version.

True, but I tend to think of online names like nicknames, and nicknames change, don’t they?

I’ve been GG Crono for as long as I’ve been needing handles for things.


I’ll tell you whats in a name…letters!