Whats going on!!

Its a madhouse!!! ITS A MAD HOUSEE!


I mean the theme stuff.

Nulani updated the forums. There was an announcement.

What’s going on is you made another bullshit thread. That’s what’s going on.

Does anyone know where to go to change the color scheme around here?

As far as I can tell, the old color schemes haven’t been transferred over yet.

This new forum is a piece of shit. I’m getting out while the gettings good! who’s with me?!

I wish the return of 984 Purple asap. I cannot view this… pale monstrosity for long.

I didn’t see the announcement.

I almost missed it myself, but caught it before the change.

Overall I like the format (especially the “comic book word balloons” style quotes) but I do hope we can get the option of different color schemes, I’d like a less bright background to read on.

I miss the old Blue theme…

Can’t stand what we’ve got now.

Bitches man up!



If there is anything I miss its Cecil letting us know when someone’s been postin’.

Talk to the 984. He has to make them compatible with vBulletin 4.

Nulani maybe you can explain to us exactly WHY the rpgc has to be “upgraded” was there anything noticeably wrong with the OLD forum?

holds up imaginary microphone up to Nulanis mouth

Because if we hadn’t upgraded now we would eventually have had to pay to do so.

slowly stroke the “microphone” revealing that it was in fact NOT a microphone at all

That explains why I couldn’t see it.

Thats what she said.