What's everyone's favorite BitTorrent client?

Yes I’ve read THE LIST.

BitTornado is a bit too bothersome, with stuff like making me get the torrent again every time I want to resume and opening a new window for every download.

I heard BitLord had problems with the ratios and it was downloading a bit too much trash data for my liking.

Right now Azureus is being a bitch, not only taking stupidly long to load (Well, in comparison to the other two) but also kindly throwing donation requests and other shit that keep on fully-freezing my machine. I can’t leave anything overnight anymore without finding an error message or even a BSoD in the morning.

So what are your recommendations?

uTorrent. Its all anyone uses. It has an interface similiar to Bitlord, so you’ll know what to do right off the bat. Ignore the haters who say “it uses your HD too much”…jesus you’re downloading 3gb files in 25kb pieces, of course your HD will be used alot.

It also has a nice portforwarding tool to help you configure everything.

I actually just switched to utorrent the other day. Mainly because BitTornado still hasn’t fixed their stupid asstarded memory leak after what, years?

BitTornado. µTorrent and Azureus trottles my connection.

I use uTorrent. Azureus messed up my connection.

azureus on my ibook g4 and tomato torrent on the mid end g3 imac

I use BitTornado. I don’t have a problem with just keeping the torrent file around, it’s not like it takes up too much space. :sunglasses:


I’ve been using uTorrent for the past 6 months or so, and it has been my favorite torrent program ever since. It uses very little memory and has every feature I want. The only thing it lacks is SSL, which isn’t popular nor especially well supported anyway.

uTorrent is perfect outside of the fact its closed source and there was that whole shitstorm about IPs being saved.

see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ΜTorrent#Controversy