What's everyone doing for 9/11 this year?

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School is such a massive nightmare at school.

lol >_>

I’m going to school, running in a Cross-Country Meet, and doing not-so-important things.

I think this December 7th, I’m going to go to Tate Plaza and hold a Pearl Harbor memorial session at 8 AM. Then on January 25 next year, I’m going to hold a Remember The Maine session. On March 5th, I’m going to hold a Boston Massacre memorial session. Then on March 6th, I’m going to hold a Remember the Alamo session.

My school will probably have another huge assembly like they did last year, which was annoying, but I’ll probably get to tape it this year casue I’m in TV productions, so I won’t be that bored.

What about April 13th, 984?
<!-- titanic -->

I’ll watch the communists doing disturbs and throwing rocks to random-buildings’s windows.

I should make some towers in sci tech, the n stomp on em like Godzilla.

I will have a personal moment of silence for the NYFD, NYPD, anyone who tried to save people that day, and then proceed as usual.

I’ll probably do the same thing that I did when it happened, Sleep through it.

I’ll probably go to school.

April 13? Ousting of Jim? Only thing I can think of for that date… Anyway, no, Xelo. That is hardly a world changing event.

Sinking of Titanic

Yes. And the Titanic didn’t spark any war, you fool. And it was the 15th of April, so double nyah.

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Yes. And the Titanic didn’t spark any war, you fool.

Uh, ever hear of a little war called THE CRUSADES?


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[b]Uh, ever hear of a little war called THE CRUSADES?

Yeah [/b]
Heard of it!

There’s always this:


I want to buy the ‘politically incorrect’ shirt.


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I’ll try very very VERY hard not to watch the news. At All.

im mourning the countless deaths that resulted in the USA-back assassination of democratically elected Salvador Allende and coup of Augusto Pinochet on september 11, 1973

Do what you have to do.

Celebrating my two full active years over here–

And refusing to take part in anything that has to do with the words “Tower”, “Terrorist” or “Taxes”…

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[b]Not really.

He could be dating Allison.

Allison being a totally different Allison, which is rather possible given how common a name it is. I know two Allisons myself, and both happen to be kind and attractive young ladies. [/b]

True, true…but…STOP CONFUZZLIN ME!

And sides, he said Allison, which lead me to assume…nevermind…I am not supposed to assume anything…