What's a good N64 emulator?

In accordance with the rules of the forum, I am not asking for a download link or anything of the sort. A name will be sufficient. I can find it myself.

Try Project64 or 1964. I’m not a fan of N64 emulators because the gamepad is so different and I actually still have mine.

Foetus64 is by far the best, but it’s very hard to find.

I use both P64 and 1964, swapping the graphic modules or whatchacallem. My biggest gripe is that the emulation of the textures or the sprites isn’t consistently good (fucking Mischief Makers). GAP, does that thing even exist (PM with succulent info kthxbi)?

Ah, but of course it exists. It was created in 2004 by rEdDvl68 using his development team known as Cornucopia Abyss. Unfortunately, they only made one alpha and three or four beta versions then slipped into nothingness. I had version 0.9, which was supposedly going to be the one just before the release, but unfortunately that was lost when I had to completely purge my hard drive. I recently tried going to the website, but it just has one of those stupid “You can reserve this webpage if blah blah blah” things. I tried using the internet archives, but it says that stupid thing about robots.txt. It’s a shame, because it was the ZSNES of N64 emulators. =/

You can give links to emulators, just not roms.

Rinn: Yeah, but there’s an old thread here in which Kagon is all like “I’m tired of all y’all asking for emulators! Just go to Zophars!” But Kagon isn’t around anymore, and there haven’t been any emulations requests in years, so yeah. Walrus.

Also Zophar’s Domain is pretty much dead now.

Edit: Oh wait no it’s not nm

It died for a bit, but I don’t know how current it’s keeping itself these days.

Emuasylum has a decent selection of emulators for a number of platforms. But I can’t link to it as it also hosts roms.

Presently, I use P64