What're your classes this semester?

I made a thread like this for last spring semester, so let’s do it again.

History 100-something: The Great Dictators. A class taught by a professor of good repute, and renouned for its high quality. We’ll be looking at Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini, mostly, but maybe there will be more.

History 99- Research. The first of two mandatory history research and writing classes needed for the major. Most likely total BS, but I have to do it, so…

German 30 - Intermediate German. I haven’t spoken the language in two years, and I only have half a month to revive my knowledge of it. Sounds like a challenge.

Greek 159 - Independent study. I’ll be meeting with my advisor once a week, while independently reading the works of an ancient author on my own. I’ll probably be reading Plutarch’s <i>Life of Pericles</i>, though many other things are possible.

Classics 20-something - Greek Tragedy. More of a philosophy course than anything else, taught by a brilliant professor who tends toward continental philosphy, not analytic.

I’ll also be serving as something of a secretary to the Classics department, more for the honorary title than the money.

Job Searching.
I think I found one at a local Gamestop.

Uhh… Well seeing as I’m screwing the college classes this year (last year was wasted by them)… I’m just taking the regular ol’ high school stuff.

Honours English
Honours Pre-Calc
Honours Spanish 4

Woot Honours.

Life 202: Studies include finding a new apartment, managing bills, and annoying roommates. The mid term exam will be finding a girlfriend that won’t try to get me committed to a mental institution.

Your courses sound awesome, RPT.

Oh, and I can finally answer properly to this thread since my courses will really be in English for once. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll only take 2 grad courses next semester, though:

Applied Maths 1
Mechanics of Composite Materials

All I need is 16 credits of courses in 18 months, so next Winter, I’ll take 3 courses + one seminar class of 1 credit. The rest of my credits will go for my exciting thesis.

Man this is going to be an easy semester:

BIT 1000 (0.5 credit) Mathematics 1 for NET

Tailored for students in the Network Technology program, this course covers definite and indefinite integrals, differentiation and integration of the elementary functions, partial differentiation, sequences, series, and techniques and applications of integration.
Precludes additional credit for MATH 1007
Prerequisite: restricted to students in the B.I.T. degree program.
Lectures: three hours a week, Tutorial/Laboratory: one hour a week.

BIT 1002 (0.5 credit) Physics I

A calculus-based course that covers mechanics, properties of matter, and thermodynamics. The laboratory is an essential and autonomous part of the course.
Lectures: three hours a week, Tutorial/Laboratory: three hours a week.

NET 1000 (0.5 credit) Introduction to Problem Solving

Introduction to systematic methods for problem solving in the context of object oriented programming. Defining and modeling problems, designing algorithms, testing, debugging and analysis of results. Numeric methods, data presentations, data abstraction, classes, class relationships, inheritance, error handling and program style and documentation.
Lectures: three hours a week, Tutorial/Laboratory: three hours a week.

NET 1001 (0.5 credit) Computer Technology Basics

How PCs work and how they are constructed. Introduces technical concepts and terminology relating to system boards, system busses, input/output devices, memory, microprocessors and peripherals. Students also learn how software and hardware interact, how data is stored and transferred, and become familiar with performance issues.
Lectures: three hours a week, Tutorial/Laboratory: one hour a week.

NET 1002 (0.5 credit) Networking Fundamentals

Foundation knowledge for computer networks and communications. Topics include basic network design, layered communications models, IP addressing and subnets, and industry standards for networking media and protocols, with an emphasis on TCP/IP protocol suite and Ethernet environments.
Lectures: three hours a week, Tutorial/Laboratory: two hours a week.

NET 1003 (0.5 credit) Communications Skills

Development of students’ competence in written and oral communication in scientific and technical disciplines. Focus on professional documents / presentations, including process descriptions, proposals, reports, technical literature reviews and written responses to technical communications. Example: Software design documents. Oral communication with emphasis on effective presentation
Lectures: three hours a week, Tutorial/Laboratory: one hour a week.

Since I took the Fine Arts program part time last year, I’ll be finishing up first year the next two semesters:

ENGL 1127 (3 credits) Essay Writing and Short Prose Selections

This course emphasizes the principles of composition through the study and writing of various kinds of essays, including the research essay. As a secondary aim, it encourages an appreciation of modern literature through a study of the short story.

FINA 1110 (3 credits) Introduction to Ceramics I

This course introduces the materials and techniques of ceramics. The first term deals with techniques of handbuilding, clay and glaze preparation and kiln firing. The second term introduces clay, glaze, kiln theory and throwing on the wheel. In addition, through consideration of historical and contemporary work, the student should begin to understand the meaning and aesthetics of ceramics. Critiques, slide lectures and/or demonstrations will complement assignments given.

FINA 1130 (3 credits) Introduction to Painting I

Introduction to painting through the exploration of various techniques, palettes, design elements, and a study of aesthetic and conceptual problems.

FINA 1160 (3 credits) Introduction to Sculpture I

This course will introduce the student to the materials, formal elements, organizational design principals, language, concepts and processes of sculpture. Technical demonstrations in the areas of modelling, casting and constructing with a wide variety of materials will encourage students to articulate their ideas in three dimensions. The use of audiovisual materials will introduce the student to historical and contemporary sculptural practice.

And as an optional course I will be taking:

FREN 1115 (3 credits) Beginner’s French I

Fundamentals of speaking, reading, and writing French; classroom work supplemented by practice in the Language Laboratory. Introductory course for students with no previous knowledge of French.

I figured I would be cool like Xelo and copy and paste what my college’s website says about the courses.

Student Teaching
Professional Issues

The first should be pretty obvious. I’ll be student teaching math and history in a high school for 12 weeks. Then, after that, I’ve got to go back to my college town for a week for Professional Issues, which is basically issues facing teachers, and how to find a job, interview, and stuff like that, I guess.

And then, I graduate. Yay.

British Literature 1900’s.
Older Norwegian History.
Newer European History.

  1. HE 102 - Health Education

Basic health class, much like the one you probably took in high school. I’m taking it cos it’s one of the last two GE’s (Required courses that everyone needs to take) I need, and it was the easiest class to fulfill this GE requirement.

  1. POLS 100 - Intro to Political Science

This class goes over basic theories and philosophies of modern politics. I didn’t actually need this class, but I’m taking it cos it gives me 3 units (so I can be a full time student), it sounds interesting, and I know this teacher well, since I had her for POLS 102 last semester; I know I can handle the class with minimal effort.

  1. SPCH 180 - Argumentation and Debate

It’s basically a continuation of the basic speech class, with an emphasis on logic and stuff, since it’s a debate class. :stuck_out_tongue: This is the other GE that I need before I transfer.

  1. MUS 156 - College-Community Chorus

Where I live, there is a Community Chorus called Master Chorale, where a choir full of decent singers get together and put on performances. This class basically just makes being in Master Chorale count for college credit. I hear that the new conductor is a bit more geared towards gospel songs than the previous one, but oh well. It’s a big choir, I’ve known plenty of cool people in it, and I hope to meet a few myself. Should be fun.

  1. MUS 174 - Estudiantina

Estudiantina is a performance group that does American and Mexican pop songs and stuff. It’s a small, fun group, and as a plus, I get to sing in spanish! Lots of fun. I haven’t been able to be in it for a year, so it’ll be nice to be back in it.

  1. MUS 250 - Intermediate Voice 1

This class is focused entirely on developing singing skills. There’s Beginner Voice 1 and 2, and Intermediate Voice 1 and 2, just to show you where I stand. :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured I’d throw some random “non-major” stuff this semester, so I’m going with:

MU-116: History of Rock & Roll. Probably the least-nerdy course out there with “history” in the name.

ENG-288: Science Fiction. Probably the most nerdy course out there with English in the name.

CS-280: Data Structures. I’m having, like, a premonition here that it’s gonna be a kinda “WTF” thing like the “I-Series Systems” I had last semester. Actually, probably not.

BIO-101: Tropical Ecology. Why not?

Media Productions
US History AP
Life Skills

For my senior year of high school:

AP Environmental Science
AP European History
AP Language and Composition
Probability and Statistics
Honors Spanish IV

I don’t get to pick my classes until orientation, but I’m hoping for beginners Japanese, writing 101, Calc 2, and theology. Forgot the actual names to some of these.

I only have two classes this semester, as I dropped two classes to focus on my upcoming job some more. But my two classes are Data Communications and Micro Operating Systems, which are both computer classes dealing with my major of PC Support.

I did extra ones last semester, so now I’m taking only three ones but still ahead of where I was supposed to be.


Calculus 1
Algebraic Structures
Physics 2

Next semester I’m taking Theory of Graphs, Programming Techniques, Alghoritm Analisys and some other two which I’m yet to choose.

Edit: YK: WTF? Are those for real?

They are indeed real, Ren. I know UGA offers a history of rock and roll class. It’s one of the fastest filling classes out there. As for my schedule…

Phil 2500H - Honors symbolic logic. Had the professor before, and he’s a pretty cool guy. I describe him as someone with Episcopalian beliefs and fire in the belly like a Baptist.

Pols 4600 - The legislative process. Not much to say there.

Pols 4660H - Honors Southern politics. I’ve read some of the prof’s papers for other classes, and I even ended up using them in one paper (I found out AFTER I finished the paper he was a UGA professor. >.>)

Cmlt 3190 - Myth in culture. I think it deals with stuff like urban legends and shit. It sounded interesting, and the guy has given out 100% A’s in like the past three semesters. >.> I’m taking it pretty much only to fulfill some upper level elective requirements.

Reli 4201 - History of African American religion. Once again, sounded interesting, and it fulfills some upper level electives. Plus, it was like the only class that fit into my schedule well.

Yaaay for Choir!

These are 100 level courses:


And I got 0.5 credits from AP English Literature

Principles of Technology
Weight Training
English II
Visual Basic / 3d Animation (both half credits)

I have an easy year ahead of me.