indeed. Just a touch surreal at first glance.

Oh, the irony.

He must sit somewhere in some limbo-type place laughing his butt off now.

Jesus beat me to death!

Anyway, what peons…

edit: er, beaten to death sounds way more painful than waiting for the train.

Hey, he got what he wanted. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, that’s kinda just idiotic. T_T

Such happy irony.

… Okay, now that’s deserving of Kyon’s “total logic failure” expression.

So? Attempted suicide should be punishable by death.

Right, because if someone wants to die, we should “punish” them by giving them what is ultimately what they wanted in the first place. ::dekar!:: ::dekar!::

It sounds like a half-hearted attempt, since he apparently jumped onto the tracks when there wasn’t any train coming.

Or a misinformed attempt.

Stupidly long composite names make me want to kill people. Really, they do.

So you’re saying they should be executed for killing an attempted-suicide?

Reminds me of a story I once heard.

Some time ago. There lived a man. A man who was tired of living, but a man who did not wish to just simply commit suicide. No, he wanted to kill himself in a way that would leave the investigators, the coroners, and the public completely dumbfounded as to the way he had died. He did not want to kill himself simply by shooting himself, or by hanging himself, or by drowning himself, or by leaping off from a highly elevated postion, or by torching himself, or even by falling onto sharp pointy objects like jagged rocks. No he wanted to kill himself by using all of the methods mentioned above. He had set up a rope tied with a noose around his neck which was set to hang over a cliff overlooking the sea overlooking jagged shore, he had doused himself in gasoline, he had drawn his gun, he set himself on fire, he lept off the cliff, and then he pulled the trigger. However the shot he fired missed his head and hit the rope instead, which caused him to fall from the cliff and into the sea below, which in turn put out the fire earlier then he had planned. Not only did he miss the jagged rocks, but he also survied the fall from the cliff. Then he was washed ashore where he was found and brought to a nearby hospital where his story was learned. His life did end a few days later not by some elabrate scheme though, but from the ammonia he had caught duing his attempted suicide.

Wow … that’s, like, I’m not sure whether it’s irony or not.

That’s the most ridiculous version of that joke I’ve ever seen.