“…The PS3 comes with six USB slots, three times more than the PS2. The machine also comes with a Memory Stick slot, a compact flash slot, and an SD card slot for additional external media. However, the PS3 does not have a Memory Card slot, despite its backward compatibility with the PS2, raising the question of how players will transfer game saves…”

More- http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/06/02/news_6126832.html?tag=lastword_ps2_headline

No memory card slot!?


How the hell are we gonna use all our ps1/ps2 save files!?

I am assuming the damn thing is backward compatible with ps1 too… though I haven’t heard it mentioned anywhere…

No idea, but allow me to hijack your thread with a question of my own: You can transfer save data from a PS1 Memory Card into a PS2 Card?

Nah… dont think so… If you can’t save ps1 data to a ps2 mem card, I guess you can’t copy them either… and besides, ps1 games dont read ps2 memory cards…

It’s all pretty messed up… Microsoft are getting that bit right though…

Yes, but you can’t use them. I use it as backup.

Okay, but can I use PS1 cards to play PS1 games on the PS2? Because I’d hate it if my 100+ hours of forging stuff in Vagrant Story went to waste.


A usb device will probably get released to fix that.

A usb PS2 memory card reader? Man, what will they think of next!

I’m actually most surprised by the multitude of ethernet ports on the back. Is this thing a router or something?