What would you do?

In the tragic event that Jelly lost his jam, what would you do to help him back into his jam so that he would be out of the one he is in?

Get him some kind of anti-jamming device?

He wants his jam.

I am Shazzam and I see the really close future!

I predict that a man that resembles a large and highly unrelated amount of celebrities like the green power ranger will come and seal this thread into the abyss!

Shazzam has spoken.

Ya know, it would’ve being a lot easier just to say, “Sin is gonna sooo lock this thread.” Shorter too.


Not until Jelly gets his Jam back fo’ sizzle. I thought you people were more creative than this :fungah:

We’re not. Now fuck off. Heheh.

What would Jesus do?

Be crucified.

OMG! he siad fuk of!!!11! leik, im soooo petrefieded :bowser:

Dude, I’m 17. You can’t just tell me to fuck off and think that’s that so easily

Jelly? Jam? What the hell are you on?

Life ^___^


I’m having trouble understanding the point of this thread.

You can’t understand what doesn’t exist.

No you aren’t. There isn’t one.

Oh great, another case of Seventeenism.

ouch my feelings…


:hint: Look at meeeeeeee! I’m seventeen and r sooooooo teh smartt 1 lol! :hint:

Dude, I’m not smart, but not a moron. In comparison to any one person that has posted or could potentially post on this thread, I couldn’t possibly compare intelligence levels. All I know is that Jelly without his Jam is in need of fixing.