What would you do to rent a game?

In psych class we watched a video about a guy who sleepwalked and ended up killing his mother-in-law. Can’t say that’s something one would do on a regular basis. Sleepwalking is still a mystery to psychiatrists.

Haw, those were my thoughts exactly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Setz, actually when sleepwalking you do whatever you are dreaming about. So if the kid was dreaming about driving a car, then it would have been very possible for him to have then acted it out, while sleepwalking.

It’s highly unlikely that was actually the case, but still possible.

I saw it too. He only killed his mother-in-law, 'cause she tried to distrupt his sleepwalking patterns. He was fixing pipes of some sort at his mother-in-laws house; and he was a plumber/occupation that is similar.

That testicle thing reminded me of that one commercial, I think it was about the Boston Red Sox, where fans were saying what they’d give if they won the World Series. Like, one guy said he’d give his first born son, and then it shows some people come and grab the baby away from the mother. At the end, it shows the guy who said he would give his left testicle, and another guy with a big set of shears.

Damn. This applies for all three articles.