What would you do to rent a game?

A four year old decided to steal a car.

It’s just much too funny. snickers

Pretty clever boy, doing what he did at his age.

I’m really impressed, he drove all the way to the store and then almost back by himself.

I think this link from the bottom of that page is just ridiculous: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/nm/20050208/od_uk_nm/oukoe_odd_testicles&e=2

Announcer: What would you do for a Klondike bar? Would you stand on one leg?
Guy: Sure.
Announcer: Would you act like a monkey?
Guy: Uh huh.
Announcer: Wo-Would you, would you kill a man?
Guy: Um…huh…uh well…[shoots gun][man screams]

Sorry. Thread title reminded me of the Klondike Bar and this spoof. >.>

And a link on the bottom of that page: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/nm/20050208/od_uk_nm/oukoe_crime_japan_gropers&e=5

That guy is fucked up. I mean, no one would hold you to something like that.

As for the story, that kid is pretty clever and smart (knowing how to get to the rental place).

So, to conclude, they need to build smaller cars?

They should teach driving when you’re four. Damn, the world’d be so fucking better.

Yeah. Sure. There are people over 16 who have no business with a liscense, let’s make more people with no buisness with a license.

Awsome. :hahaha;

Well… he was just lucky that he didn’t get killed.

What game was he trying to rent anyways? Grand Theft Auto?

That kid has a lot of guts to pull this off,well at least nobody got hurt.

Hey. If it were a reality, I’d have a job and a multi-million business starting. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m somehow not surprised at:

About 60 percent of the victims of more serious sexual assaults, which involve the threat of rape and are sometimes carried out by groups of men, were female high school students.

Kid: He’s smart. 0-0 It sounds kind like something my brother would do(5 years).
Testacles: Ouchies. That guy is creepy…and mental…and honest.
Groping: Well, it IS Japan…

There’s a groping article?! WHERE?!

1:30 am and the kid wants to rent a game. Sounds like it might have been sleep induced or sleep walking related.

Sleepwalking only allows you to do routine stuff. Hell, I’ve sleptwalked many times, but only ended up doing things I do on a regular basis; but poorly. Say if I loved baseball. If I were sleepwalking, and I sleepwalked playing baseball, I’d be playing poorly. So, unless the kid is a pro-car driver, then no. He wasn’t sleepwalking.