What were the people of Terra like? (FFIX Spoilers)

ponders at the Gaia Theory you really think we could destroy this planet and still survive on it ?

I’m sure we could if we had the same kind of technology as the Terrans.


I see Oeilvert as a sort of museum and record of Terran civilization. Even if the Terrans themselves die, at least their memories will live on. As to why they would want the Gaians to know about who was trying to destroy them, maybe they figured it wasn’t such a big deal, since the Gaians were doomed anyway. Given that they were apparently so filled with hubris, the Terrans didn’t think anyone could stop them. They no doubt figured that if anyone was so foolish as to try to get the Mirrors from Ipsen’s Castle, Taharka/Dahaka would destroy them. If the mirrors were placed at the Shrines, the Guardians of Terra would destroy them in turn. They never reckoned with the abilities of Zidane And Company, nor with the plots and schemes of Kuja.


I saw on another forum a long time ago that in FF10, Yuna and company may not have been the first to discover the ugly truth about the whole summoner’s pilgrimage, but that they were the first ones to actually succeed at destroying Yunalesca. Everyone else who tried to stop her was probably destroyed. The same thing might have occurred in FF9-anyone who tried to take the Mirrors was destroyed by Taharka/Dahaka.

And lastly, yes I have noticed the similarity we real-life humans seem to have to the Terrans-especially about the hubris thing and our thinking our prosperity will last forever. Just look at the way we handle water, how we throw garbage into the oceans, and burn oil like there’s an unlimited supply…makes you wonder.

I guess it could be seen as them boasting somewhat.

That’s how I feel about Final Fantasy 8.

I second that motion.