What websites do you guys go to? besides RPGClassics.

I’m so freaking bored. I need some websites to go to. Where do YOU go?

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: www.addictinggames.com has many good ways to kill time.

thottbot.com and wow.allakhazam.com are both really awesome sites.








Edit: almost forgot, www.fahnn.co.uk home of Jim something Bentley and his lunatic electronic bass sounds. :slight_smile:

I hang out a lot at an Angel (the series) fansite…mainly the forums where I mod- www.cityofangel.com/phorum.

My other forum where I spend my time, is www.suikox.com/forum. Most of the people are drones and everything is happy go lucky (not to mention, every freaking thread seems to be a “What do you…?” “How do you…” “What have you…” thread which is retarded, as well as some of the mods) but what kicks ass is that when you sign up, you get thrown into a “nation” board after taking a simple quiz when you register. I ended up in the Island Nations, and after a certain amount of time, all 10 nations declare war on another, and you duke it out with this intricate battle system. THe more soldiers you collect (you get assigned soldiers with every post- the lengthier the post, the more soldiers you get), the higher chance you have winning a battle if your nation leader decides to put you in the “front lines”. Pretty geeky, but it’s really cool to read. Whomever wins, takes over say, Budehuc, or whatever.

As for websites, I am prone to visiting www.survivorfever.net to catch up on my favorite reality tv show. I also visit www.sexynerd.com and read the blog of a psychotic, socially-inept australian girl who constantly whines about the drama in her life (but it’s so addicting!)- she also has a ton of super nes…stuff. If you know what I mean.

I have loads of others. But rpgc is my homebase on the net.

The Evil Forums!
Actually, when I’m bored I browse at random. Its fun.


http://www.snpp.com is always fun to read.


Yes, thank you, if you know me at all, you know my two favorite things are the BBC news and Relgion.

I’d post more But they break rule 6.

www.egscomics.com www.bobandgeorge.com

Ahh… nostalgia!
Sacred texts
Personality tests and such
Hooray for Mythology!

That should keep you entertained for a while.

4chan, 2chan, iichan.

/u /l and /b


EDIT: omfg i meant /u i swear to god. >_<;;;;;

I knew it was a bad idea to have sent him that book.

Rouny, I love some of the pages you posted. Good plum hat pets

I go to so many forums these days, that I never get bored. The only one I’m willing to subject to you is http://agora.rpgclassics.com …Oh WAIT!!


No, you meant /y, admit it!

This is NOT how i wanted to come out of the closet!

just kidding :stuck_out_tongue: