What was your first FF?...

…And how old were you?

  my first FF was Tactics and i was 7 or 8 years old. it was really fun up until dorter trade city when i got whupped over and over and ove. but it was good

EDIT:no this game was more than good it was great it brought me into the world of RPG’s and is one of my most favorite games.Period.

FF6 when I was 13…changed my life…

FFI when I was 3 or 4.
I had lots of fun, mostly because my brother and I were having so much fun naming them things like “fart” and “butt”.
Never got past Garland, though. Never equiped the Weapons and Armor correctly.

ff6 when I was 7.

FF IV! And I was… umm, I think 5 or 6, it was and it IS my favorite Final Fantasy… Funny, the first time I saw the game, my brother was playing it, and I though it was dumb… but later, I was totally crazy about FF IV… it defenitly change my life.

ff1 on the nes… damn I’m old.


First one I fell in love with: FF4, age 6 or 7.

First one my brother would actually let me PLAY (the game hog): FF6, age 8.

Obviously, these ones hold a special place in my heart.

13, FF7; best game ever.

Hate to say it but I was brought into the world of rpg by ff7, even then I got it by accident. I was about 7 or 8.
Though subsequently of course i became completly obsessed and went onto buy 8,9,10 origins and anthology.

The ifrst one I saw was FF7 when I was about 12 or so. The first one I actually got to play extensively was FF8. But I went back to FF7 and ended up liking that one more anyway :p.

I began FFIV when I was 12, but I began RPGs at 6 with Little Ninja Brothers and later, Super Ninja Boy.

My first was FFVI. I was somewhere between 7-12 and I was at my friends’s house. I remember my first reaction being:

“I’ll never be able to play this. I can’t remember Sabin’s Blitz combinations.”

I should have been shot for thinking that.

Hehehe never remember sabans blitz combinations hehehe. Personally all I used Saban for was genji glove offering. I found that the mage characters did so much better than him. And is a high level shadow any good.

I never used the Gengi Glove/Offering combination. I thought it was too cheap. Now, the Gem Box/ Gold Hairpin is a different story…:hahaha;

Let’s see, I bought my NES in '89, so I was 5 then. On the box, there were screenshots form popular NES games, and one was a picture of a battle screen of the light warriors verse 3 giants. I thought, “Wow, that game looks cool!” I bought it about a year or two later. Never got past Gurgu Volcano while I my NES worked. I’ve got a ROM save file inside the underwater temple, but since I transferred all my files to my new computer, they aren’t in the right location anymore, so I can’t access them. So now I’m back at Pravoka, Level 3, with the ship.

Ah, FF 1 is the best game in the series.

Final Fantasy 1 on the NES. I was 12.

FFIV on the SNES was my first, i think it came out in 92 so I was 12 when i played it. Then i bought (rather my parents bought) FF1 for NES and then i played them all as they were released from that point on =)

Let’s see, I think it was FF7, when I was about 13. And that was the very first RPG, I had ever played. So it will always hold a special place in my heart. No matter what people say about it.

7, I got it second hand and I think I’d just turned 15… it was the first FF released in Europe so I wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

One addiction later… :get it?: