What was the first anime you've seen

I have a bad track record with threads, but I pressed the right button this time, please ignore all the ones I posted before this date.
But what I would just like to know is what was the first anime you’ve ever seen? (if you can remember).

Mine were to be the only ones available here at first.
Dragonball Z, Sailormoon, and Ronin Warriors.
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First anime i didn’t see on Cartoon Network was Trigun. But of course, it on there now.

It was, either, Dragon Ball or Fly/Dragon Quest (Fly was the title here, in Mexico) or maybe Saint Seiya/Kights Of Zodiac

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Either the first Streetfighter anime or DBZ.

Silver Fang… Or Sailor Moon. Har har. The first one that I actually could understand in terms of speech and subtitles… Bubblegum Crisis.

First movie: Akira. First proper anime: Trigun
First poser anime: DBZ.

I don’t consider DBZ anime, while it is in the style of anime for me it doesn’t have teh feel of anime to it, it just seems roo much for kids for me to consider it anime.

Oh My Goddess, I believe. Unless you count the few that was aired on television back in the 80s and which I hardly remember anything about.

Saint Seiya.

Street Fighter V2

Vampire Hunter D, then Robotech on CN every day for a few years or so.

DBZ, though I don’t like it. First Favorite was Cowboy Bebop.

First one = Dragon Ball Z.
First proper one = Neon Gensis Evangelion & Martian Sucessor Nadesico.
First movie = Can’t remember.
First one I wanted to see again = Cowboy Bebop & Outlaw Star.

Knights of the Zodiac

Maybe that’s why it has such a strong influence on me ^^

Originally posted by Ren
[b]Knights of the Zodiac

Maybe that’s why it has such a strong influence on me ^^ [/b]

actually, that’s the first one i’ve seen too… but meh… i didnt find this one INSANELY good… tho, the 2nd one, Ronin Warriors, i really really liked :slight_smile:

My cousin’s old taped episodes of Robotech.

Ronin Warriors.

Either Transformers or Knights of the Zodiac. I don’t remember.

fugging hell… i watched Ronin Warriors back in China… then, when they finally got to the last episode, it was on the day that i had to leave for Canada (to be with my parents again ^^)… so i never saw the last epsode… and i’ll never know what happens in the end… ;_;

Ronin Warriors or DBZ. No idea which I saw first.

Technically, it was one episode of Sailor Moon. I hated it, and didn’t watch any anime until I accidently watched an episode of Digimon, which I liked. Then came DBZ, and shortly after that, Cowboy Bebop.