What was that Super Nintendo game where you could use a shell to call a dolphin

I cant remember to save my life… it was a secret of evermore type game. It could even be that I dunno.

any help?

Crystalis? Though I’ve never played it. :open_mouth:

I’d say “Secret of Mana” or “Seiken Densetsu 3”, but that’s not a shell, and it doesn’t call a dolphin.

thats it, thanks :runaway:

Well, Crystalis is NES, not Super NES. But yeah, that must be it.

LOL I just got remembered that from reading one of Archone’s fanfics…

Dammit, now I want to play it.

Was it Eco the dolphin?

Oh my god. You know you could save a lot of time and face by just flat out asking to be banned. It save a lot more time than just beating around the bush like this.

I didn’t think it was eco, but it could be a possibility

Just trying to be helpful

We just determined it was Crystalis before you posted! Man, Kaiser, learn to read and think before you post!

I thought it was not confirmed yet tho

Except Ecco is nothing like Secret of Mana. And I don’t remember using a shell to call a dolphin since you are the dolphin.

To be fair, not many games have dolphins in them.

Even though anyone who’s ever played Ecco or even seen a vague description of it would know instantly that that wasn’t the game in question.

Still, Ecco was great surprising fun. Eco friendly too.

Good point

I love you Info.

As for Ecco the Dolphin. I love that game.