What was even more like a drug... were the drugs

Sorry to double post, but I missed this before, agreed, and just an extension to my arguement I beleive.

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When a disorder is caused by a chemical disorder in the brain, it is much harder to use group therapy or psychotherapy to fix problems that are biological. This is why drugs are useful.

I’m wary of the “chemical disorder” argument–the argument that a chemical problem requires a chemical solution. A “chemical disorder” can easily be caused by a habitual way of thinking, and alleviating the pain of that way of thinking is dangerous, for obvious reasons. A mind that berates and shames itself continually <i>should</i> feel the pain that screams, “Stop this!” Numbing the pain with medicine will allow the self-destructive thought process to progress further, till it begins to hurt again; and, what happens if the medicine ever stops? Then there’s such an overwhelming pain that the mind alone can’t handle it.

This is why mind-altering chemicals are a double-edged sword, and <i>must</i> be accompanied by therapy to end destructive thought processes.

Yeah, some people in the Chat and Sin should have memories of me on Zoloft. One night I took about 6 of them, and it took about 4 hours to kick in. I walked home, and by the time I got there my teeth were chattering so violently that I couldn’t sleep for three days.

I’d also like to mention that Eric Harris (one of the Columbine killers, specifically the one on anti-depressents) wasn’t on Zoloft, he was on something else that starts with an L that I can’t remember. Lustra or Luextra or something like that. And the Columbine plot was found to have been planned up to two years in advance. A diary found in Harris’s room indicated that it was definitly in planning a year before, but some comments and other writings on Harris’s old website indicate that the plots may have been seeded another year before the diary was started.

Depression in some people can be taken care of by the person pulling themselves together over years and years or self-reflection. Medication is needed for those who cannot do this.

Thats exactly how I feel most of the time!and I think I should take Zoloft too…I dont know.I cant really think anymore.I can concentrate but automatically and therefore I cant feel stressed about something, I guess thats cool but sometimes I wonder “who am I?” because most of my actions are random and dont connect to eachother at all (unlike patterns that people usuallyuse), you know?its a long story but back to the main point…“OMG i NEED ZOLOFT =D!!!”