What was dicovered about Hilter

That is funny, but it is one of those things that is funny in a “What the hell?” way.

So you wanna be a Führer?
But your state ain’t fly?
You gotta hit us up
To get a pimped out Reich

You got to pimp my Reiiiiiiiiiiich
Damn right
You got to pimp my Reiiiiiiiiiiich

Yo! I’m X to the Z, Xzibitschlaffenpferrhausen, and this is Pimp My Reich.

Hitler was one of the villains in Persona 2: Innocent Sin, a game I’d love to play, but sadly was never ported over because it was “too controversial”. (Oh, it also allowed the main character to fall in love with a GUY, if you wanted him to. Ohhh, how awful!! We must protect our people from that! Sheesh.) :noway:

That game also mentioned the Fuhrer’s obsession with the supernatural, and it had a conspiracy plot that makes X-Files look like a school play. ^^

according to the game/doctumentry “Wolfenstien 3D” Hitler had a kick ass robot suit with 4 chain guns attached. If Hitler had one of those, I’m sure killing the pope would be the last thing on his mind.

The swastika is actually a backwards egyptian symbol, the ‘sun cross’. By backwards, I mean that the arms in the swastika point in the other direction.
Though I doubt he would have gond after the pope, and although the basis for the nazi religion was a ‘perfect, christian race’, Hitler did believe heavily in the use of psychics to predict troop movements, mediums to communicate with his dead soldiers, and so on. I saw this on the history channel, they had a really detailed documentary about it.

If Hitler had listened to his generals instead of the other mumbo-jumbo, we’d probably all be speaking German right now. Good thing he was stupid and tried to do it all himself, ignoring the military genius of his command staff. Did you know that our stealth bombers were not the first ever built? After WWII, we (the USA) found, in a hidden base in Germany, a prototype of the stealth bomber almost identical to what we now use. It was obviously restricted by the technological limitations of the time, but virtually the same plane. It would have been able to fly to Washington DC and drop a massive payload-most likely, the nuclear bomb they were found to have been working on.
Scary shit.

Hitler was a good millitary commander to a degree. He just had a bad sence of timing. For example his idea to attack Russia was great, if he would of defeated the Russians that would free up a number of Japanese in Manchukuo. Plus he would have another road to the middle east. But he picked the wrong time to do so. His troops froze and much needed resources were used there instead of Africa.

He must’ve forgotten Napoleon.

But Russia is so beautiful in the winter, how could you not help but invade it?

Actually, it’s my picture, and here it is:

It was originally Egyptian? I thought it was Hindu. Called a manja, or something like that (3rd dungeon in the original LoZ). Well, I know it was used by Hindus as a good luck symbol. Rudyard Kipling put the symbol at the beginning of some of his books, but decided to stop in the '30s so people wouldn’t misinterpret it, especially since Kipling thought Nazism was stupid.

The Swastika is a rather basic symbol. I’m pretty sure it’s been used by many cultures throughout history. I’ve heard the symbol associated with Mayans or Aztecs or some such culture. However, I have a feeling it came from India given the whole Aryan invasion of India in like 2000 BC or whenever.

Hitler was also an artist. He would draw countless amounts of the swastika in unique situations, such as a large walking machine crushing people.

I didn’t make the image, I just spread it.

Natsume Shin, a character in Tenjou Tenge, wears an eyepatch with a Swastika on it. Ironically he’s evil. :smiley:

Speaking of swastikas, the map of one of the dungeons in Legend of Zelda is shaped like a swastika. I forget which one it is now.

The legacy continues…

Weird… Link has blond hair, sometimes blue eyes, is not gay, jewish (I would assume,) or a gypsy!