What was dicovered about Hilter

Over the years since WWII, there have been many discoveries on who Hitler was and why he did what he did. The most recent of these I read in the news paper about the other day.

Documents have been found showing plans on how Hilter was planning on kidnapping Pope Pius XII. Within these documents showed how and when it was to be done. For some reason this never happened. Why? Because when Hitler assked one of his generals to do this, the general secretly warned the pope and helped him escape.

I didn’t get to find out who this general was specifically.

That story sounds dubious at best. Could you please provide sources?

Sounds like your average RPG plot.

The San Diego Union Tribune and ABC news

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Also; Hitler probably wanted him for experiments or something. Robopope. Hehe.

But then the end of time would never come. Why you ask?
Beacuse, in the Vatican, there are many, many little inlet-like things, each supporting a statue of a pope, in oreder. It is commonly believed, but not dogma, that when the pope that fills the last podium* dies, that thatis the time of the second coming of Christ.
There are about 8-9? of these left.

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Well, there was a religious nature to Nazism that often gets glossed over because the focus is more on what they did rather than why they did it. I remember reading a Chick tract that went off about WWII being about Satan trying to destroy Christianity, with the help of the Pope no less. It could have been partly based on fact. Then there’s the whole revival of the Holy Roman Empire thing – the Third Reich. And who can forget Raiders of the Lost Ark, which might also be based on fact.

<a href=“http://www.wikipedia.org/”>Wikipedia</a> probably has more answers.

It doesn’t make much sense though, since hitler was religious as far as I know. They even revived some of the old celebrations, so it would fit into their all german scheme. Heck, they even hung old runes and stuff on the christmas trees to revive the old viking tradition.

I don’t know. I think he may have been afraid of the Pope’s influence.


That seems a lot more likely.

Ah, a source. That clears things up, thank you.

Well. He had good plans I suppose. He was just too megalomaniac to stay realistic and act with reason. Thankfully.

Any way you look at it, Nazis sure did have sweet fashion sense.

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Actually, I don’t think Hitler was religious, but rather obsessed with esoteric stuff. Didn’t he repudely rely on charlatains who said they could predict the future? I think that later on, he might have been so desperate that he turned to even the most far-fetched stuff. There is a connection between the swastika and more ancient symbols, as has already been stated, but it is difficlt to determine exactly what kind of belief system they had, besides the obvious racist paraphernalia.

It’s a very little known fact that he liked…WATERMELON!

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