What Video games say about you


I’m kind of an Inner Child, except I play both easy and hard RPGs. Oh, and I don’t find reality THAT boring. :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t there be an option for “Casual Player” -you know, the ones whose lives are NOT dominated by game playing? :thinking:

I fit into every category. Should I be worried, or should you?


The Escapist obviously, seconded by the Inner Child. Although I like the Control Freak’s games, I really hate to be in charge of things.

I also like firing up Megaman Xsomething and killing lots of stuff with Zero after school, does that count for Decompressor?

I think it’s funny how GTA:SA is in half of the categories.

Right now, mostly escapist and control freak, but too a lesser extent. I do like some grounding in reality.

I once met the criteria for Inner Child, by the letter. I mean, I could remember every star in Mario 64, and aced Ocarina of Time, but I’ve lost that. Does this mean my inner child has died?

I like to play RPGs, and I’m part inner-child, but I also like to play (and suck at) fighting games. What does that say? :3

You suck even when you pretend to own people? No, but I think it means that you’re just not good at them, how I’m not good at Madden.

Escapist/Inner Child/Decompressor.

Good times.

I was surprised by the Inner Child category, because I actually do remember how to get each one of the 120 stars and can play OoT in my sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, you need to take this with a grain of salt…
Probably more like a whole sack.

I’m a crossbreed of the inner child and latent psychopath…more like a latent psychochild

I’m THE ALPHA DOMINATOR! Tremble before my wrath!

Escapist/Inner Child

I like shiny places

Inner Child/Decompressor.

I think the author just typed “games” on google and then stuck them randomly in the categories.

Edit: Also there were no positive categories. Cool.

Escapist, I suppose, although I have a life and love it more than anything that any video game might offer me.

Yeah, that articles a load of bunk. If the people behind it had even paid attention they would have realized that many of the games they put into the “inner child” category aren’t childish at all. And they seemed to be directly blaming the X-box for crime. Total shit.

At the moment, I think I’m a cross between ‘Inner Child’ and ‘Latent Sociopath’. Cool.