what to play...

i cant think of anything to play, in the past like month ive played thru chrono trigger, secret of mana, super mario rpg, MMX, MMx2, MMz, MMz2, MM7, super metroid, ocarina of time, the snes zelda, disgaea hur of darkness ff2,ff7, metal gear solid twin snaked, mgs2…and now im bored… :bowser:

How about Metroid Prime or Splinter Cell?

dont own either, but i have metroid prime at my house…but ive found it really hard to get into…the whole first person thing made me sad…

Why not play this for a while?

Awesome remake, fun, not TOO hard, but
hard enough to be compaired to the classics…

If you have so much free time, make a shrine.

I agree, make a shrine to me.

i was actually thinking about making one…but idk to what most the stuff is already covered, unless you count mmx mmx2 and mmx3 as shrine material…cuz i know those games back to front…and im pretty well acquainted with mmz and mmz2, and smrpg and chrono but both of those are already made…i guess i could make an ff2 one if nobody is already doing that…

Actually, every shrine for Final Fantasy is either in progress or already completed. Sorry. 8(

There’s plenty more games to shrine if you’re still interested, though. Head to the Main Page, then click Join RPGC, and check out the list of high-demand shrines. We’d love it if you could do one of those. 8)

Oh, I remember this game! Um, how do you play? I got the arrow keys to work but what are the attack keys?

no ones making an ff2 shrine i guess its just been overlooked or not listed, and there isnt a shrine for azure dreams of game boy…and i guess ill start a shrine on .hack mutation, or brain lord, or dues ex…so many choices…

If you look lower on the list you’ll see that there is already a FF2 shrine.

Do one on Cyber Knight! Everyone loves Cyber Knight!

Play MMZ 3, it’s good. Or you can try MK: Deception, Silent Hill 4, Armored Core: Nexus, Front Mission 4, and Megaman X: Command Mission~

i wanna try comman mission and mmz3,and if i can find cyber kinght ill do that…i can only find it in jap…so

If you’ve got enough Brass SO3. And if your fast enough Shrine it. I’m not cos I’ve Taken Pokemon G&S and would like to finnish it.

Big Nutter
Pokémon Going Cheep at Gamestation

what game?

SO3: Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time.

Offically It doesn’t have the 3 seen as It’s the First PAL game and second US and the Fourth under the Star Ocean name. There was a spin off game from SO2 : Second Story called “Bluesphere” for the GBC.

Big Nutter
FYI: SO3 PS2, and SO2 PSX

thats on my games to get list…so as soon as i can ill go out and pwn that…