What to play next?

Ok, I’m bored at the moment, and decided to make this fun thread (yay?).
Anyhow, I’ve been going through a backlog of old PSX RPGs, and I’m trying to figure out what to play next since I just finished Persona 4.

Here’s what I got:

Tales of Destiny II (Eternia)
Persona 2: IS
Valkyrie Profile
SaGa Frontier (a passing thought, but I’m interested all the same)
Other* (Should you feel the four games I’ve listed above aren’t enough.)

As for why this isn’t a poll, I’m too lazy for that. So gimme your thoughts on this.

Here’s what I’ve gone through so far:
Star Ocean 2nd Story
Tales of Phantasia
…and one or two more I can’t remember.

Why not go through recent games and not old crap like ToD2?

P2 or Valkyrie Profile.

And yeah, Eternia is awful.

Having only played VP and SaGa Frontier, I can say they’re both good games. The only real problems with VP, though, is that to get the good ending requires a fucking FAQ or you will never, ever figure it out; And the prologue to the game takes fucking forever. Seriously, it hasd to be like, 20-30 minutes of this one man’s story just before he dies, that you can’t just mash buttons through as you, say, read a book or something. You have to actually move around and stuff. Other than that, I found it a great game.

SaGa Frontier I love, but many people find it rather… repetitive, since you have several quest lines where you’ll be leveling in certain areas for hours on end. But still, I loved the concept of it, at least.

P2:IS should be a good play. The sequel Eternal Punishment was a great play.

This. Old games are fun and all, but the more you support newer games the better they’ll get. Plus it’s nice to try fresh things.

That said, you could give VP a try.

I didn’t notice any PS2 games listed there… but give Radiata Stories a shot if you can. It’s a very underrated game. Otherwise, your best bet there is VP. I don’t know about ToD2 or Persona, but SaGa Frontier is a chore to play, even before the repetitiveness. I’d avoid it.

Also, get your hands on Legend of Mana if you haven’t played that.

As per why I didn’t put any PS2 games on there, I don’t feel like playing through anything recent (and I haven’t seen anything else that catches my eye for now). Plus, I like going through and playing old games and stuff. I enjoy the nostalgia.

I will agree about Eternia being awful though. Played through an hour or two of it a few months back, and I couldn’t stand the VA. One of those games that makes me wish it was undubbed. (Hell, the original JP VAs probably sound a lot better.)

For Persona 2, I would’ve gotten further, but I kept having to restart because my damn memory card was full (takes like 3 blocks?), and I kept forgetting to move stuff on it. But I hear it’s a really good game.

Now that I think about it, that’s not a bad Idea. Maybe some day I’ll go back and find a bunch of old PSone or PS2 games and play them.

The only two games I’ve played on that list are ToD2 and SaGa Frontier. I think Tales of Destiny 2 is pretty awful - and I’m not talking about the ‘bad’ voice acting, I just think the game sucks - and SaGa Frontier, while being my favorite RPG, is admittedly a pretty mediocre game unless you like playing scientist. It’s hard for me to recommend it to anyone.

Come to think of it, why is general consensus for ToD2 awful? Is it really that bad? Or is there something I overlooked?

Anyways, I might look into VP and SaGa Frontier. The last SaGa game I played was Romancing SaGa 3, but I didn’t really finish that. So I’ll think about that one. Probably give VP a try first.

Well for me, I just don’t like any of the Tales games. I’ve played ToP, ToD1 and 2, ToS, ToL, and TotA. Couldn’t stand em’, except that I was playing them with my best friend multiplayer. Actually, I’d say TotA was just BARELY tolerable, but still not very good, in my opinion.

So, naturally, if I hated them all, of course I hated ToD2.


Play Terranigma then :ark:

no shooters? :confused:

Of your list, I’ve only played Saga Frontier, though I DID play Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, which is a sequel/remake of PS2: Innocent Sin (it’s kind of hard to explain that without giving away a major plot point) and I loved both games. I’ve played dozens of RPGs over the years and those two still stand in my mind as among the most unique. SF is like playing SEVEN RPGs in one, all involving a VERY high SF/Fantasy setting; and P2 is like X-Files cranked up to 11. They do have bad points- SF has primitive graphics and, like Val pointed out, could feel repetitive (I avoided that, but I had a guide so I just distributed the optional subquests among the seven main ones, thereby repeating them as little as possible; Persona 2 gets a little too hard to swallow towards the end (and has a bittersweet ending). Still, I recommend both, if you read enough about them to make sure you’re not confused going in.

Well, at this point I figure I’ll get to 'em all eventually, except ToD2. Hopefully…with work and school and so on. There’s also good stuff on the DS coming out this month too, and finally (yes, finally!) the SNES DQ3 translation should be finished up.

And maybe I’ll finally finish up my Soma Bringer wiki, which doesn’t need much more work with the exception of weapons/armor, which would take a while no matter what.