What the hell?!

Well, I’m usually not the one making these threads. I’m just surprised by the very wide variety of comparisons people’ve made o_o. And Nutter, ironically, I live about in the middle bottom part of the link you posted.

I know you normally don’t start them, you usually are like, “Why is there another thread about my hair?”

Well with those goggles maybe you should be FFX Rikku?

I don’t know whether to cry or send large men kill you :stuck_out_tongue:

My poor shades… Someone did call me an Al Behd in another thread, interestingly enough.

Power rangers still exists?

And your hair is cool, but why won’t mine grow! WHY? Damn nature taking time.

Tenth Re-encartaion, I think. I stopped at the third.

Ouin ryen ec hela!

Big Nutter

I have no clue what you’re talking about Nutter…

Anyhow, Sin…those goggles remind me of that guy off Digimon, but yeah, I’d go with the Alucard look-a-like rather than the other ones. You do remind me of Alucard…a bit.

Which Alucard? The one from Hellsing? Castlevania? “Son of Dracula”? :smiley:

:ulty: Speaking of Hellsing, what IS it with vampire huners and wearing trench coats and wide-brimmed hats? I mean, look at Alucard, then Vampire Hunter D, then “Van Helsing” …

No clue Yar, maybe a typical vampire hunter stereotype. Alucard, son of Dracula, is who he reminds me of a bit.

Not familiar with many of the mentioned characters, but you look all right. I never had the patience to grow mine out, it stays swept 'n spiked.

Yes, but do you mean from Castlevania or from the 40’s movie “Son of Dracula”? :smiley:

It’s ironic that you mention Alucard because I just saw my first episodes of Hellsing last week. I don’t see any resemblence between him and Sin though.

Anyway, I think Sin’s got a bunch of evil twins running around. Of course he was the original though :hahaha; .

I don’t know why, I think that if you’d look like that guy who’s already been Charl’s avvie if you put your hair a little more to the front of your face.

Cap. James

Depending on which series. Tai: series 1 and Dravis Series 2.

Big Nutter
That Quote is in Al-bhed and it’s: Your hair is Nice!!

Tai from series 1. I never really watched after the first series.

…and I mean Alucard, son of Dracula, from the Castlevania games lol

That line just made me laugh. :hahaha;

Castlevania: not played any game of that series. Should I Buy it?

Big Nutter
or go with something else…

You’re just so cool that everyone remotely cool looks like you. *Nod, nod. Or uncool. Could be both.

Sin is the Mister Ben of hair. And if you don’t know who that is, I’m not telling you.

Bishie is right, Im gonna say something Id never thought Id say, like how YOU doin’?!